Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

21 April 2015


Ring of Kerry Ireland

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. 

17 April 2015

The One and a Dishwasher


Hunting for an apartment can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. I always believe that “THE ONE” will come for sure but it is also our job to look around. It can’t happen that it will just fall on our lap right? Anyway, with or without prospect, I've already started pulling bedroom ideas from Pinterest. I like everything pastel and bright. Oh and also, I'd wish for a dishwasher! Seriously it's a game changer, it solves all the relationship problems ^.^*

I was browsing my tumblr posts earlier and I saw this digital art I created back in 2012 (?), I must get back to doing this again, otherwise I'll forget how to!

16 April 2015

The Most Beautiful Things

Ring of Kerry Ireland

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched
- they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller

And I'm grateful to have felt it over and over, again and again.
Happy Thursday!

12 April 2015

Road Trip: Kerry Ireland

Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland Ring of Kerry Ireland

Road trip is in order whenever we have long weekend here in Ireland. Over Easter, we headed to West of Ireland. The views are breathtaking, enormous and magical! You would wish to live there. To experience true Ireland, go to west.  

09 April 2015

Farewell My Friend

Ring of Kerry Ireland

Please do remember that you with your sweet smile will never be forgotten. 
Goodbye Cecilia...

Edit: 12 April 2015

So it's out there, everyone knows the passing of my dear friend. I was told to keep quiet about it for a while because gardai (police) is still investigating about her sudden death. It is hard to suppress the feeling of deep sadness when you have to put a brave face in front of many people. You begin to wonder and ask too many questions but you can't really get any answer. 

I often wonder what it would be like to be locked in the dark hole, how could you get out of it? 

Cecilia was full of life. She's the kind of girl who always wanted to thrive, to grow and never give up. She's also life of a party, never been shy and always been friendly. I became friends with her instantly because she was truly kind. We do things together, she never say no to my invites, she likes to try new things and we often laugh about silly things. I like her. I really really like her.

Then I became busy, very very busy. The last time I've spoken to her was two weeks ago. She just came back from a business trip in Singapore and we were talking about her plans to move there because she loves it there....

I wish I was sensitive enough to sense that there was something wrong... but how could I'd be of help if I didn't know about her depression. How could you reach someone if they don't let you know...

I wish I ask more.

03 April 2015

Nothing Great Comes From Easy


I'm not one to like cartoons that much. I remember to love watching a few back when I was little but I might have outgrew it. Baymax have caught my attention though, he's the cutest robot that doesn't look like a robot. He's fluppy, caring and soft spoken just like his inventor Tadashi (Hiro's brother).

This film touches the emotional side of the main character Hiro, he's inspired to save the world to revenge his brother's passing. For him, Baymax would always be the extension of his beloved brother. 

Now given the fact that's he's a total genius, he improves his brother's robot. Which speaks to me so much because of the work I do. Well, I'm not a genius neither can do magic, I have my fair share of frustration it can be upsetting sometimes. 

You see my job is to improve things also, make things fancy schmancy, be it on web, live presentation or information that will make people understand what they see - but it should be pretty... it is what expected of me. Behind all these things beautiful, I experience lots of failure but I will ever give up for sure. 

True enough, nothing great comes from easy.