Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

22 March 2015

I Am Not A Shopaholic


The sun is out beaming its all glory! 
While everyone is out in the park, 
I'm busy shopping... helping the economy! 

08 March 2015

Chic Yellow Coat and an Inspiration


DSCF6162 DSCF6164 DSCF6173

They say it's destiny meeting new people, they give some kind of purpose and you wonder how you were both at the same place at a given time..... Well, in my case, it's not really a coincidence, yesterday, I met Ania. Ania is one of the leaders in our Irish Street Photography Group (ISPG) but we were only introduced yesterday and I like her instantly. She's cool, hip and feisty, everyone love her! Her effect on me is something unique though, last night, I was inspired to draw her...


07 March 2015

Just Do It

Docklands at Dawn

I realised, life is too short to wait on something.
Time is too precious to do nothing
No matter what it is, 

If you have an idea and you think your life will be better because of it
Don't fret, be bold and do something about it
No matter what it is, 

Don't be too hard on yourself
Don't be shy to ask questions
No matter what it is,

If things didn't work out as you have planned
It's alright, everything is going to be alright
At least you've tried
No matter what it is, 

Seriously, JUST DO IT. 

Tiger Store

Tiger Shop

With Tiger store now reigning the city of Dublin, it's easier to find this shop anywhere now and it's always tempting to go in and be trapped of all things cute and cheap. I first found this shop at the Pavilion which is located far far away and the only purpose of coming there was to return a coat I purchased online. But then saw this shop and went home spending little over a hundred euro! Early this year, I've noticed the shop pops up like mushrooms in every places I go. Their stuff are irresistible, I can't literally stay there the whole day just by looking around. 

Seriously, this is the new Ikea. A miniature Ikea.