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05 December 2014

Wishlist 2014

A girl can dream and wish fabulous stuff as long as she wants. I know... I know... And I'd be more than happy to get half in my wishlist for this Christmas. I think I deserve it for being good this year haha! Christmas came early, as a matter of fact, H brought home the Macbook Pro he ordered last week, I was over the moon setting it all up and quite pleased how light it is compare to my old one. I'm thinking to pimp it with a marble skin case. That reminds me to order it online later :)

1. St. Louis PM by Goyard
2. Macbook Pro
3. Eva Clutch by Louis Vuitton
4. Burberry Silk Scarf
5. Leica T camera
6. Card Holder by Gucci
7. Jessica Platform Sneaker