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03 December 2014

Moving Forward

Eden Bar and Grill | South William Street Duck Liver Parfait with cinnamon jelly, spiced apple, smoked bacon & brioche
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetBeyonne Ham & Poched Pear Salad with organic leaves, blue cheese & walnut dressing 

Eden Bar and Grill | South William Street Risotto with local wild mushroom, shaved parmesan & truffle oil
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetDuck Leg Confit with lentils, Morteau sausage, spiced kale, glazed carrot & rosemary jus
  Eden Bar and Grill | South William StreetChocolate Mousse with raspberry compote & creme chantilly

Last Friday, I was invited by my ex-boss to attend Bart's farewell lunch, an ex-colleague. It was such a surprise to everyone as he kept it a secret 'til his last week in the office. Bart is one of the good, hardworking people I know. For all we know, he'll be staying at the company forever because that's how he is. He then realise that he has to move somewhere else which I think the right thing to do. 

Seven years had past, the situation in the construction industry here in Ireland hasn't progress at all. A lot of us, engineers and architects, have neither moved to developing countries or ventured into another field. I'm glad I got out there quickly. Quickly enough to realised that I'm meant to do greater things. Looking back, I think that there were signs telling me I'm doing what I meant to do and I'm glad I found what I really love to do.