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05 November 2014

Web Summit 2014

Web Summit

I've been attending this Web Summit for three consecutive years, I'd say it gets better and better. Wifi seems to be working well and fast enough to blog and tweet non stop. I hope not to annoy anyone with my constant blabbing on twitter though hehe.

Just like in previous years, I'm impressed with people great innovation. Some may be copycat but that's not the point really. These people try, flew all the way here to pitch their ideas and that's what matters.

@Coderjojo are teaching young kids to learn how to code. I think it should be teach in school as part of their curriculum, the world is changing, web is the future.

I'm resting for a while to reboot, I've seen so many amazing things and grateful to experience all this. I'll be heading to Marketing Summit to check what's happening out there.