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17 November 2014

Traveling and Terminal Airports

Heathrow Terminal 2 Heathrow Terminal 2 Heathrow Terminal 2
Heathrow Terminal 2
Heathrow Terminal 2

A lot of people I know loves to travel but only few of them likes to wait at the airport. For me, I love both, I actually enjoy waiting at the airport. I'm never the one running furiously to catch my flight, I like taking my time and walk around the shops few hours before hand.  God knows how much I plan ahead of my trips to the airport meticulously, I normally allow myself to go there 3-4 hours before flying. I also have a list in hand of the things I want to buy in Duty Free (*chuckles!). I know exactly where the stalls are, what make up and skin care I need to stock up.

I like to watch people, I make stories out of the scenes I see around. And I never ran out of things to imagine he he he. And if I get tired of it, I listen to my audiobooks - my new addiction, I'm constantly on it whenever I get the chance and waiting at the airport is a good time to catch up on my reading.

Some people likes to do little chats, I do avoid those but if happens, I don't mind it too.