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31 August 2014

NEO Bankside

Neo Bankside Neo Bankside Neo Bankside

It costs about 4- 6 million pounds to live here, no doubt about it. To be living across Tate Modern is one 'hella awesome of course, you have to pay for the location, status and perks it gives.

As I wandered about in this area, I can't help myself to utter ooohs and aaaahs, these residences are truly exceptionally brilliant! 

You see, I'm apartment kind of girl, I'm a city girl! I love the convenience, the comfort and the security it gives. I like plants in pots and balconies where I can look over the city and appreciate the sky in better view. And from where I live, I have the view of a whole recreational park from my living room too. 

The thought of moving to London is too strong, I might have to do it soon.