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02 August 2014


Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse | Harrods | August 2014

After an hour and a half at Victoria and Albert Museum, H and I decided to hang out at Harrods. The place is buzzling with tourists and young people, there are street performers outside too. Few visits in London, I think, I'm beginning to like it here, I like the busy-ness, there's always so much fun things to do.

I've never been disappointed with the food here, everything seems authentic - Thai, Chinese, Italian... everything! My most favorite is French cakes, not too sweet and yet creamy as it is. Try Caffe Concerto when you get the chance to visit London.

Tomorrow we're off to Brixton, I'm bringing my camera, hopefully I could snap some good picture at the festival, wish me luck!

Pancakes | Westfield Stratford | August 2014 Pancakes with walnuts and banana