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04 July 2014

Dunmore Cave Kilkenny

Dunmore Cave | June 2014
Dunmore Cave | June 2014

Realising that I have yet to explore Ireland that much, I've plan to visit places near the capital like Kilkenny, Wicklow and Meath. Dunmore Cave for example is just an hour and a half away from Dublin, we went there last Monday. To go in to the cave, you have to have Michael, a tourist guide who I find very passionate about crystal and rocks and a good story teller too. For just €3, it's totally worth it!

Again, my Fujifilm XT1 camera didn't disappoint, I took these pictures with very little light available, oh and did I say it was handheld?

A little note:
Edited in Adobe Lightroom for quick sharpening and +1 exposure.