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24 July 2014

Walk This Way

Weather has been utterly warm, everything seems photogenic! 
I walk (and drive) this way everyday, come and follow me ^-^ 

On my home On my home On my home On my home

21 July 2014

Airshow in Bray

Airshow in Bray

Not being fuzzy but I wasn't that happy with the exhibition I saw yesterday, there weren't too many but it's alright, the weather was warm and it's nice to see people enjoying the moment just being there regardless. We ate lots of street food and pistachio ice cream, yum ^-^

19 July 2014

Eddie Rockets

Eddie Rockets | July 2014

Enough of feeling sorry for myself, I took a shower, put some make up and went shopping. It's sale everywhere! We only had an hour to shop because they're closing at seven, we arrived around 6pm. I managed to buy a dress from Sisley and blue skinny jeans from Zara, I'm finally accepting the fact that boyfriend jeans are not for me, I look funny in those haha! 

Dinner was at Eddie Rockets. Non nom nom


Bibimbap | July 2014

Nursing a cold is not what I'm expecting to happen today. I woke up feeling woozy and my head is pounding. The weather is somewhat cold this morning and became hotter by the time I shift myself to sleep at the living room, now I'm sweating... Oh well.

Last night, we went to Arisu to eat Korean BBQ, I opted to try Dolsot Bibimbap for a change and I loved it! I just realized that I prefer mixing my food like this to taste different spice all at the same time.

Hope your weekend is better than mine, H & K decided to go out today without me ^_^

16 July 2014

Green Thumb


I'd like to believe that I've a green thumb, certainly I am not. So imagine my surprise when I was dusting the living room last night and found my orchid blooming again the second time round. 

However, my hayfever is acting up again and I'm back in meds. Plants hate me but I love them dearly.

15 July 2014

One Too Many Shoes

Mary Jane shoes

I've been meaning to sell/ donate my shoes but the stress from work stop me to do so. I'm meant to take some pictures and post them online and bring the half to a charity shop nearby. But by the time I'm home, I've nothing to think about but to eat, tinker and sleep, in other words - procrastinate. 

I need to shake this habit off, it's not good for my body and spirit.

04 July 2014

Dunmore Cave Kilkenny

Dunmore Cave | June 2014
Dunmore Cave | June 2014

Realising that I have yet to explore Ireland that much, I've plan to visit places near the capital like Kilkenny, Wicklow and Meath. Dunmore Cave for example is just an hour and a half away from Dublin, we went there last Monday. To go in to the cave, you have to have Michael, a tourist guide who I find very passionate about crystal and rocks and a good story teller too. For just €3, it's totally worth it!

Again, my Fujifilm XT1 camera didn't disappoint, I took these pictures with very little light available, oh and did I say it was handheld?

A little note:
Edited in Adobe Lightroom for quick sharpening and +1 exposure.

03 July 2014


Dunmore Cave
Dunmore Cave | June 2014

The desperation of trying to take pictures inside Dunmore Cave, I just click away with no direction at all, it was too dark, wet and slippery. Then I captured the above photos.... creepy as it may seems but I they're just two German girls in our group.