Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

30 June 2014

Once Again, I'm Grateful

Resting our feet for a while in our cozy hotel in Kilkenny. H & M are having a power nap while I type this away, I guess I'm the odd one, I don't take naps. It's like I like being awake all the time, I prefer doing something else instead of sleeping. I just watched The Life of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco on YouTube and searched Italian restaurants in town for dinner later.

I like this kind of getaway - relax, easy and happy, we went to Dunmore Cave this morning, had Chinese buffet at lunch time and visited Kilkenny castle in the afternoon. The weather is surprisingly sunny, good enough to walk around town wearing summer dresses, airy tops and shorts.

The plan for tonight is to have a fancy dinner, it's a pre-celebration of my birthday tomorrow. Yes, my name is Tuesday and my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, what are the odds eh (",)

For everything, once again, I'm forever grateful.