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14 June 2014

Feeling Spendy

Decided to go to Kildare Villlage out of the blue. We're supposed to go to the beach today but was not meant to be, it's been cloudy.

Refrained from going to every shop except Coach and Nike to avoid spending on things I don't need really. I'm saving for a new MacBook Pro you see but when I saw this iPad Mini cover, I have to have it, the colour is so me! Besides, my iPad needs a new cover by now, the old one has become old, grey and lumpy.


Coach today @ Kildare Village

Tag price was €195 but since this is an outlet shop I got a good bargain, don't judge!

Thought I've already got away from #FeelingSpendy today but no, I continued on... Shops were still open by the time we reached Dublin and again I bought make up stuff and lingerie and jogging pants!

Hi my name is Tuesday. And I'm a shopaholic!