Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

30 June 2014

Once Again, I'm Grateful

Resting our feet for a while in our cozy hotel in Kilkenny. H & M are having a power nap while I type this away, I guess I'm the odd one, I don't take naps. It's like I like being awake all the time, I prefer doing something else instead of sleeping. I just watched The Life of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco on YouTube and searched Italian restaurants in town for dinner later.

I like this kind of getaway - relax, easy and happy, we went to Dunmore Cave this morning, had Chinese buffet at lunch time and visited Kilkenny castle in the afternoon. The weather is surprisingly sunny, good enough to walk around town wearing summer dresses, airy tops and shorts.

The plan for tonight is to have a fancy dinner, it's a pre-celebration of my birthday tomorrow. Yes, my name is Tuesday and my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, what are the odds eh (",)

For everything, once again, I'm forever grateful.

28 June 2014

Spontaneous Road Trip

Plan for today was to do the groceries but we were famished by the time we reached town. So we decided to eat after going to supermarket, I was craving for paella and remember Havana Restaurant in George's St., perfect, they serve delicious tapas and paella. Surprisingly, they also serve San Miguel beer (of course, of course, it's a Spanish restaurant!). Desserts aren't too bad either, we shared a flan and skinny cappuccinos.

The night is still young and we wanted to enjoy the blue skies, went straight to Dún Laoghaire and found a carnival!

Again, nothing beats a spontaneous road trip. It amazes me how beautiful Dublin is.

Dún Laoghaire | June 2014
Dún Laoghaire | June 2014


23 June 2014

I Said I Love Fujifilm, Whopeeeee!

Thanks Nathan for sharing these pictures, t'was one cool crowd and a great day in Soho, London.
More about this event on Fujifilm UK official blog
Happy Monday!

21 June 2014

Orange is the New Black


I wish I'm outside right now but I'm in pain, taking antibiotics and crossing my fingers to be well soon enough before my birthday weekend celebration. We're planning to explore some caves in Kilkenny so will wait for my body to heal and just chill at home, watching Orange is the New Black.



Summer Sale No 2

How cute these men t-shirts are!

They're super cheap for cool graphics like that, add a blazer, skinny jeans and boots (or sneakers - the classy kind!), surely your man will transform into a young and hip kind of guy! So I ordered these for my man :)

Below are for me, I fell in love with the photographer print on the dress, it might be longer for me though... but it's not too bad to gamble sometimes. Refund is a breeze here in this country, no questions asked as long as it's in original packaging. 

The ethnic vibe of the other dress can be worn as a top itself, a dress or a cover up at the beach.

Lastly, the beanie! Oh how I love wearing beanie on not so good hair days! I've a collection actually, I may not be able to wear it now but can save it in autumn/ winter seasons.

Gawd, we're experiencing "heatwave", 21 degrees is already considered heatwave here, oh yeah!

Now head on to River Island to look and add them in your basket, you deserve it! ('',) 

Summer Sale No 1


True enough, you get wiser as you get older.... but your taste seems wanting for classier stuff hence the price tag. I don't mind being picky now, I must up my game and as long as I know that every penny I'd spent will be worth by wearing them with confidence and pride. I now know the colour that suits me, cut and shape that will compliment my body shape. Sure there's hit and miss but they're lesser. I do my shopping mostly online, and if the clothes (or any goods) are not great in person, I can return them no problem. You have to get the hang of it and shop on the sites that are legit. Never go for the suspicious and dodgy websites.

I've given away so much unused stuff in the past that I cringed when I remember why I bought them in the first place.

19 June 2014

Massimo Dutti

I got ill this afternoon, just before I got home today, I was feeling awful and missing my lover so much. The thing is I get too clingy when I'm sick and there's no one to cuddle except my Teddy (Teddy the bear?). I took Nurofen and had a nap and waited for H to go online so we could FaceTime.

Made a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, it takes away my fear knowing I can get a professional help straight away, just a phone call away...

But still I couldn't sleep so I went online and did some shopping! My birthday is coming and been working hard lately, I do believe I deserve this, amongst other things (",) 

Massimo Dutti | Equestrian Sneakers Limited Edition

18 June 2014

Walking Away

I'm the Boss

Walking away from a problem or a situation sometimes help! I'm trying to solve a code problem (hello nerds!) for hours and I can't come up with a proper solution. I then walked away and took a break, came back to my desk and voila! I managed to make my code works! Yahoooooo! 

Coding makes my life interesting, I'm fascinated by it, I even dream of it at night. It drives me crazy but at the end of the day I'd like to think I'm still in control. I'm still my own boss.

Seriously, I am the boss!


I like watching YouTube while I'm putting my make up in the morning, especially Michelle Phan's tutorials. I think I'm getting better at it. Why I haven't discover this sooner, y'know, this make up thing?

And recently discover how to curl my hair, I feel like a teenager once again LOL.


14 June 2014

Feeling Spendy

Decided to go to Kildare Villlage out of the blue. We're supposed to go to the beach today but was not meant to be, it's been cloudy.

Refrained from going to every shop except Coach and Nike to avoid spending on things I don't need really. I'm saving for a new MacBook Pro you see but when I saw this iPad Mini cover, I have to have it, the colour is so me! Besides, my iPad needs a new cover by now, the old one has become old, grey and lumpy.


Coach today @ Kildare Village

Tag price was €195 but since this is an outlet shop I got a good bargain, don't judge!

Thought I've already got away from #FeelingSpendy today but no, I continued on... Shops were still open by the time we reached Dublin and again I bought make up stuff and lingerie and jogging pants!

Hi my name is Tuesday. And I'm a shopaholic!


12 June 2014

Another Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day

Dublin impresses me with the summer weather this year, I do love love love living here. 

11 June 2014

A Walk in an Estate


I've been wanting to take pictures of this estate for the longest time, I pass here everytime I go to work. So today, I DID remember to bring my handy camera to take some snaps. Pardon for throwing fisheye shots quite often since I don't have any lens yet (aside from 35mm). I can't decide which one to buy.... I'm eyeing on the 14mm but got confused when I searched Fujifilm’s X lenses, they’re all a must have! And I don’t really know what I need now, oh well.

07 June 2014

Oh Summer!

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

Summer has arrived finally! It looks very promising this year, I've been enjoying my walks since Spring and I'm crossing my finger to be like this like forever hehe.

Happy Summer guys! xx