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20 May 2014

Quick Hello from This Side of the World

Jasmin Brunner Jasmin Brunner
Jasmin Brunner
Jasmin Brunner
Taken with Fujifilm XT1

Two weeks ago, I flew to London to attend a Street Photography workshop hosted by Fujifilm UK. It was a quick one to stay in my most favourite city but I had so much fun! Fujifilm picked 6 photographers to experience this one day workshop in Soho.

We started off in Sanderson Hotel and met up with Alex Lambrechts (photographer), Jasmin Brunner (model), make up artist and Fujifilm staff. Alex had an introduction of what's going to happen that day and gave us tips that I wouldn't realise until he said so. We went out on the streets to do some shots - paparazzi style!

 This activity has opened a lot of ideas for me to continue my forgotten passion about photography, for a year (or more), I've stopped taking pictures. Perhaps, I got burnt out from demanding clients and I don't really see myself taking pictures as a profession anymore. I just want to tell a story and take pictures of my life.

Now this little tiny Fuji X-T1 has encourage to take pictures often, it's fast, powerful and super handy

16 May 2014

When Friday Doesn't Seems Friday

Jasmin Brunner

This week had just gone by and me walking and looking like a zombie. Thanks to the amount of work I'm dreaming about it already. 

Photo above was taken from the workshop I attended in London two weeks ago. I will tell you about it once my chaotic schedule ease up a bit.