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26 April 2014

Hillwalking - My Newfound Hobby

Sally Gap County Wicklow Sally Gap County Wicklow Sally Gap County Wicklow Sally Gap County Wicklow

I've long to go hillwalking again, Ireland can be truly one of the most photogenic countries when the sun peeps, though hardly, you have to be quick to decide to go outside, enjoy the warm weather and shoot away. 

I was never a morning person but as I get older (and wiser?), I began waking up early, I began to appreciate early quiet mornings and eager to accomplish several tasks (aka house chores) even before 8 am. With my new weekend routine, I confidently arranged an early meet up with myself, H and friends in Dundrum Road near m50, from there we all headed up to Wicklow by car.

The roads are narrow and stiff, you have to be extra careful and give ample distance from cyclists (they're competitive on the road I tell ya!). Sceneries are therapeutic in the eyes but I noticed that grasses on the hills are burned, perhaps to prevent it from totally covering the hills, it seemed like dessert. However the view while driving is still magnificent, it's like a different place altogether.

We decided to parked somewhere near the trail (foot of Sally Gap Hill), armed with few snacks and water we excitedly climbed it. Nothing beats a good companion, I'm happy to have invited newfound friends (a couple and their son) to join me and H exploring the Sally Gap Hill. We sometimes rest, take pictures and talk. Weather was totally cooperating - bright and warm, and by the time we reach the top, we could only gazed and wowed ourselves by what we see around. It's truly magical... Ireland is magical...

I would love to do this again, definitely come summer, I'll be making hillwalking itineraries.