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24 March 2014

Breakfast at Mc Donald's

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Not a lot of people are fond of eating at Mc Donald's, I think I'm one of the few who get excited over a chocolate sundae fudge or a 2euro cheeseburger, they're my comfort food. The breakfast is such delight, they come cheap compare to Starbucks and alike. I'm pleased with how they transformed throughout the years, rebranded and offered healthier food like salad. They've redesigned space and furniture to attract young adults and professionals, Mc Cafe became a meeting place for entrepreneurs and offered "skinny cappucino". Check out this new high tech Mc Donald's in Kilkenn. I frequent their Mc Cafe in Naas, they're open 24 hours and it's great for watching people. 

Last weekend, after picking up my lover from the ferry, we went straight to Mc Donald's to have breakfast, it was quite early (6am) and it's good feeling not be rushing home to prepare something to eat, you just go to Mc Donald's and enjoy their food.

On another note, I bring my Fujifilm XTI everywhere I go, it inspires me to go back to shooting again without lugging heavy intimidating dslr and lenses. Few weeks ago, I've decided to sell my Canon lenses, I put them up for sale and got overwhelmed with offers. Quickly enough, I already sold three lenses in no time and it hurts big time. Well, that was unexpected, I never thought I'd be affected by letting my camera lenses go. I'm now having second thoughts of selling my dslr camera (Canon 5D mkii), but we'll see. I think I really have to let them go.