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17 March 2014

At Home on Paddy's Day

At Home on Paddy's Day
At Home on Paddy's Day

I had each day of this long weekend planned out but unfortunately, I got sick on Friday night and still recovering 'til this day - Paddy's Day.

My face was (still is, by the way) swollen the day when everything is closed and preparing for the holiday. I was feeling woozy and headache-y when I went to the pharmacy but all they could give me was pain killer, they're not allowed to give any more than that unless I have prescription from my GP. I have multiple mouth ulcer to make my situation worse :( I'm hoping to see my doctor tomorrow, well, goodluck to me... 

I buried myself to bed and had long sleep and rest, sometimes I'd go surf the net but my eyes hurt from it so I'd go back to sleep. Oh I did finished watching American Hustle one night and it did feel good, one of the best films I've watched and that was nice (a good movie can make me feel better, really). I'm slowly watching Sherlock Homes too to entertain myself while I locked myself in my bedroom. 

I hope you're having better days than me, Happy St. Patrick's Day!