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31 March 2014

27 March 2014

Grendahl - Perfect Wedges

I said enough shoes for this year (I have tons!), but I can't stop thinking about these beauties! I'll be attending a huge event on Monday and this would be perfect! Learned that they're currently on sale today, must buy two.... oooops!

25 March 2014

iPad Mini & iPhone 5S Favourite Apps

Favourite Apps Favourite Apps Favourite Apps

What I love about Apple is having one single account for everything, I can sync my files all at the same time and apps between iPhone and iPad are automatically downloaded when I purchase one.

Below are my iPhone/ iPad Top 10 Apps:

1. Audible. My drive going to and from work is more fun while listening to audiobooks! And I'm quite obsessed about it actually, I'm feeling melancholy with the stories I listen to...

2. Spotify. This is much better than buying every single song I'd like to listen on iTunes. Spotify has radio stations with no advertisements at all. You can pick genre or artists you'd want to listen to. Between you and me, I love listening to Miley Cyrus, no judgement please! 

3. Twitter & Instagram. For me, these apps became search tools whenever I'm looking for a product, a review or any trending news I'd wanted to see. Pinterest, not so much.

4. Flipboard & Bloglovin. My sort of kinda magazine for all things creative and whatnot. I've been using this for quite a long time now, it's prettier to look at than reading something on Safari. 

5. PlayerXtreme. This can play videos of any format, I usually watch my favourite TV series here but it'll use your battery big time.

6. Believe it or not, I have a geeky side. I watch tutorials as past time. Often, I do even dream about programming and codes.

7. You Tube. For not so serious tutorials, I go waste my time watching how to put make up properly, some documentaries and funny stuff.

8. Blogsy. I do use this a lot for posting in my blog. It's very handy especially when you're outside, it's linked to all my photos online and 

9. VSCOcam. Being a sucker for any picture that look like in the 70's - 80's, I'd often find myself using this app to make my photos look like it.

10. BuzzFeed. I believe the founder of this app is a guy who fancies Emma Watson a lot (lol)! She's mostly in the picture of any female news related. I don't mind coz I like her too (",)

24 March 2014

Breakfast at Mc Donald's

Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn

Not a lot of people are fond of eating at Mc Donald's, I think I'm one of the few who get excited over a chocolate sundae fudge or a 2euro cheeseburger, they're my comfort food. The breakfast is such delight, they come cheap compare to Starbucks and alike. I'm pleased with how they transformed throughout the years, rebranded and offered healthier food like salad. They've redesigned space and furniture to attract young adults and professionals, Mc Cafe became a meeting place for entrepreneurs and offered "skinny cappucino". Check out this new high tech Mc Donald's in Kilkenn. I frequent their Mc Cafe in Naas, they're open 24 hours and it's great for watching people. 

Last weekend, after picking up my lover from the ferry, we went straight to Mc Donald's to have breakfast, it was quite early (6am) and it's good feeling not be rushing home to prepare something to eat, you just go to Mc Donald's and enjoy their food.

On another note, I bring my Fujifilm XTI everywhere I go, it inspires me to go back to shooting again without lugging heavy intimidating dslr and lenses. Few weeks ago, I've decided to sell my Canon lenses, I put them up for sale and got overwhelmed with offers. Quickly enough, I already sold three lenses in no time and it hurts big time. Well, that was unexpected, I never thought I'd be affected by letting my camera lenses go. I'm now having second thoughts of selling my dslr camera (Canon 5D mkii), but we'll see. I think I really have to let them go.

22 March 2014

Docklands at Dawn

Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn Docklands at Dawn As promised (to myself), I woke up earlier than usual to capture these magnificent clouds at dawn with all the strength that's left in my bone. The city is still asleep and the wind was eerily cold, that's hard truth about Ireland but regardless, I love this country so much.

21 March 2014

Bric A Brac

Bric A Brac

Bric A Brac

Digging this super duper powerful mirrorless Fuji XT1 camera (sample shots above), I love everything about it and it does the job very well, more than I expected actually. I have yet to explore the city with this in hand because I've been sick and trying to recover from the virus I got somewhere but I'm rather optimistic. I hope to get some morning shots at the docklands tomorrow while I wait for my lover to get off from the ferry.

Lately, I've been staring at those souvenirs on the shelf I accumulated over the years while travelling (some were gifted). I think I should be serious in collecting them because it brings me back to great memories and places I've been to.... I'm planning to order a world map poster on etsy so I can pinned down the countries I want to visit in future.

17 March 2014

At Home on Paddy's Day

At Home on Paddy's Day
At Home on Paddy's Day

I had each day of this long weekend planned out but unfortunately, I got sick on Friday night and still recovering 'til this day - Paddy's Day.

My face was (still is, by the way) swollen the day when everything is closed and preparing for the holiday. I was feeling woozy and headache-y when I went to the pharmacy but all they could give me was pain killer, they're not allowed to give any more than that unless I have prescription from my GP. I have multiple mouth ulcer to make my situation worse :( I'm hoping to see my doctor tomorrow, well, goodluck to me... 

I buried myself to bed and had long sleep and rest, sometimes I'd go surf the net but my eyes hurt from it so I'd go back to sleep. Oh I did finished watching American Hustle one night and it did feel good, one of the best films I've watched and that was nice (a good movie can make me feel better, really). I'm slowly watching Sherlock Homes too to entertain myself while I locked myself in my bedroom. 

I hope you're having better days than me, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

SJP - For My Own Pleasure and Reference

You'll always be my forever model.
I heart you that much Sara Jessica Parker!!!... 
Oh and your house is gorgeous and homey!