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15 February 2014

Singapore Day 5 - 8

Singapore 2013
Singapore 2013

The next few days were spent on catching up with old friends, trying new restaurants, booking tickets and shopping some more. We didn't make any concrete plans because we just want to relax and do whatever we fancy, like a spur kind of moment :)

On those days, I managed to try a lot of food I missed, Pepper Lunch for example, oh that was really yummy! I ate lots and lots of street food, sweet bean curd and chicken rice too!

Shopping-wise, I fell in love with Daiso, (a Japanese store) you can literally find everything there! I've spent quite a good few hours to amuse myself with cutesy and useful stuff. I was just being cautious of what to pick though since we can only bring enough to fit in our luggages!

Singapore 2013
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