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09 February 2014

Singapore Day 3

Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown
One of the checklist was to revisit Chinatown, we went local - eat in hawker and tried all the food we remember eating back then. We got most of 3 for S$10 bargain, didn't matter if we needed three of each item hahaha! It's nearly Chinese New Year, the town has changed from Christmas decors to anything orange and horses. The town is vibrant and lively, I've few snaps somewhere that I'm going to share sooner or later. I'm impressed that Chinatown MRT Station is right in the nose of the main street, clever huh?

That night, we all went to Farm Market to have another sumptuous dinner, it's where you can eat authentic Singaporean all yummy food. They've provided a pond as well where you can catch prawns and cook it. I believe it's open 24 hours but not sure where exactly it is located, it's up on the hill somewhere and can only reach by car/ private vehicle.

We weren't tired yet so we decided to go to another shopping mall called Junction 10 and bought snacks to go from J.Co Donuts. Below is a picture of me and my niece Nicole :)