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08 February 2014

Singapore Day 1 & 2

Day 1

Due to time difference between Europe and Asia, we technically arrived in Singapore on the night of 27th (December), we missed a day really but it's okay because we will get that day back when we return, as you know what I mean. 
We're grateful to have a sister-in-law (and family) who has a massive flat that we all flocked in for two weeks! By the time we reached their abode, it's already dinner which was good for catching up, literally chatting non-stop. 

When everyone is sleeping, four of us, adults, drove off to Orchard Street to watch city lights. Went around town and amused ourselves looking at newly built skyscrapers that weren't there when we were still living there. Singapore is small country, we drove east to west of the country within three hours. We went to Sentosa and Mt. Faber too! A lot of that driving around was a bit blur though, I was feeling jet lag hahaha!
Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore
Day 2
I woke up around 4am because my body clock says so, hahaha! Down the flat, there's playground and stuff where you can do some exercise. We tried them and walked around few blocks, went to the nearest kopi tiam for coffee and kaya toast. Oh how I truly miss this!

Mid-day, we've pretty much done walking around Gem and Westgate - two big malls in Jurong.

Nigh time was booked to Singapore Flyer (check again the photo above). We won't all fit in a car so Honey and I went ahead before everyone. We decided to take the MRT to reminisce,  bring back some memories...

After our flight from the Singapore Flyer, we went to the hawker beside it, ordered several seafood dishes, barley, coconut and lots and lots of chilli.... these, these, these and these are stuff I missed!

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