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08 February 2014

Dublin to Singapore | Christmas Holidays 2013

Dublin to Singapore Dublin to Singapore Dublin to Singapore By the time flight bookings to Singapore were available for December, I quickly booked our tickets. I remember it was like May or June of last year. We were really excited and I announced my visit to close friends and family the moment e-tickets were emailed to me. 

Not a lot of people fancy flying but I do. I love strolling along duty free shops, wait at the gate and boarding on planes. We flew via Air France and had to stopover in Charles de Gaulles Paris. By the time we got onboard and found our seats, I took a nap and then it was dinner time already. The flight from Paris to Singapore is about 15 hours and most of the time, I'm either asleep or watching Scandal on my iPad. 

Back then as far as I can remember, flying Air France  was one of my top-notch experience and food was great. Not anymore though, I wish they redo the interior and overhaul everything. I was also a bit disappointed to find few selection of films and games in their portable TV. Toilets were hardly clean within those 15 hours....

Now we're planning to go somewhere far again by December, I don't think we'll be flying again with Air France. 

Next post, our Singapore holidays experience ('',)