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03 February 2014

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Mesmerised by how Cloud Atlas was done, cinematography-wise it's absolutely brilliant! The (same) actors changed totally to portray a role in a different scene - how can an obviously Japanese girl be a completely freckled English woman? Oh how can Halle Berry be her normal self then suddenly changed to a Caucasian goddess? It really blew me away... Make up can do magic!
I didn't racked my brain to understand everything that's happening really, I just know that a person lived in different era can also live in future. Reincarnated somehow.
Then I remember my dead mother, if reincarnation is true, there might be a chance to be with her again...
Mother it is your birthday today
I hope you still remember that I'm your daughter.
I think of you everyday.
May we meet again somewhere, as I miss you forever.
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured