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28 February 2014

Fujifilm XT1

DSCF2017 DSCF2016 DSCF2015

I believe Fujifilm XT1 is available today for everyone to see and buy it on shops but I was quick enough to get my hands on it before it's launch. I just couldn't help my excitement once I was notified that it's already available in my favourite camera shop. I ran as fast as I could after work last Tuesday and felt giddy when I was opening the box! I got the 35mm lens 1.4 as well which I really really like. I'm planning to get the 18-135mm and I'll be all set and sorted. 

Photos above are sooc

15 February 2014

Singapore Day 5 - 8

Singapore 2013
Singapore 2013

The next few days were spent on catching up with old friends, trying new restaurants, booking tickets and shopping some more. We didn't make any concrete plans because we just want to relax and do whatever we fancy, like a spur kind of moment :)

On those days, I managed to try a lot of food I missed, Pepper Lunch for example, oh that was really yummy! I ate lots and lots of street food, sweet bean curd and chicken rice too!

Shopping-wise, I fell in love with Daiso, (a Japanese store) you can literally find everything there! I've spent quite a good few hours to amuse myself with cutesy and useful stuff. I was just being cautious of what to pick though since we can only bring enough to fit in our luggages!

Singapore 2013
Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Next post: Gardens By The Bay and our stay in Marina Bay Sands!

Singapore Day 4

Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013 Singapore 2013

First time ever to see Ion up close and personal, I really really like it. It's full of my favourite shops and I remember coming back there again and again during our vacation. I met my good old friend Celes to have traditional Chinese dinner upstairs. After that, we went to Starbucks for dessert and coffee and planned to walk all the way to Somerset and take pictures. We met up with my honey and decided to try the famous "Cold Stone Creamery", it's basically a huge chunk of sweet ice cream. 

This was only Day 4 and I've been to many places I wanted to visit. My hair wasn't really happy with the humidity, it's been acting crazy.

09 February 2014

Singapore Day 3

Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown
One of the checklist was to revisit Chinatown, we went local - eat in hawker and tried all the food we remember eating back then. We got most of 3 for S$10 bargain, didn't matter if we needed three of each item hahaha! It's nearly Chinese New Year, the town has changed from Christmas decors to anything orange and horses. The town is vibrant and lively, I've few snaps somewhere that I'm going to share sooner or later. I'm impressed that Chinatown MRT Station is right in the nose of the main street, clever huh?

That night, we all went to Farm Market to have another sumptuous dinner, it's where you can eat authentic Singaporean all yummy food. They've provided a pond as well where you can catch prawns and cook it. I believe it's open 24 hours but not sure where exactly it is located, it's up on the hill somewhere and can only reach by car/ private vehicle.

We weren't tired yet so we decided to go to another shopping mall called Junction 10 and bought snacks to go from J.Co Donuts. Below is a picture of me and my niece Nicole :)


08 February 2014

Singapore Day 1 & 2

Day 1

Due to time difference between Europe and Asia, we technically arrived in Singapore on the night of 27th (December), we missed a day really but it's okay because we will get that day back when we return, as you know what I mean. 
We're grateful to have a sister-in-law (and family) who has a massive flat that we all flocked in for two weeks! By the time we reached their abode, it's already dinner which was good for catching up, literally chatting non-stop. 

When everyone is sleeping, four of us, adults, drove off to Orchard Street to watch city lights. Went around town and amused ourselves looking at newly built skyscrapers that weren't there when we were still living there. Singapore is small country, we drove east to west of the country within three hours. We went to Sentosa and Mt. Faber too! A lot of that driving around was a bit blur though, I was feeling jet lag hahaha!
Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore
Day 2
I woke up around 4am because my body clock says so, hahaha! Down the flat, there's playground and stuff where you can do some exercise. We tried them and walked around few blocks, went to the nearest kopi tiam for coffee and kaya toast. Oh how I truly miss this!

Mid-day, we've pretty much done walking around Gem and Westgate - two big malls in Jurong.

Nigh time was booked to Singapore Flyer (check again the photo above). We won't all fit in a car so Honey and I went ahead before everyone. We decided to take the MRT to reminisce,  bring back some memories...

After our flight from the Singapore Flyer, we went to the hawker beside it, ordered several seafood dishes, barley, coconut and lots and lots of chilli.... these, these, these and these are stuff I missed!

Next post - Day 3

Dublin to Singapore | Christmas Holidays 2013

Dublin to Singapore Dublin to Singapore Dublin to Singapore By the time flight bookings to Singapore were available for December, I quickly booked our tickets. I remember it was like May or June of last year. We were really excited and I announced my visit to close friends and family the moment e-tickets were emailed to me. 

Not a lot of people fancy flying but I do. I love strolling along duty free shops, wait at the gate and boarding on planes. We flew via Air France and had to stopover in Charles de Gaulles Paris. By the time we got onboard and found our seats, I took a nap and then it was dinner time already. The flight from Paris to Singapore is about 15 hours and most of the time, I'm either asleep or watching Scandal on my iPad. 

Back then as far as I can remember, flying Air France  was one of my top-notch experience and food was great. Not anymore though, I wish they redo the interior and overhaul everything. I was also a bit disappointed to find few selection of films and games in their portable TV. Toilets were hardly clean within those 15 hours....

Now we're planning to go somewhere far again by December, I don't think we'll be flying again with Air France. 

Next post, our Singapore holidays experience ('',)

03 February 2014

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured
Mesmerised by how Cloud Atlas was done, cinematography-wise it's absolutely brilliant! The (same) actors changed totally to portray a role in a different scene - how can an obviously Japanese girl be a completely freckled English woman? Oh how can Halle Berry be her normal self then suddenly changed to a Caucasian goddess? It really blew me away... Make up can do magic!
I didn't racked my brain to understand everything that's happening really, I just know that a person lived in different era can also live in future. Reincarnated somehow.
Then I remember my dead mother, if reincarnation is true, there might be a chance to be with her again...
Mother it is your birthday today
I hope you still remember that I'm your daughter.
I think of you everyday.
May we meet again somewhere, as I miss you forever.
Cloud Atlas ScreenCaptured

01 February 2014

Challenge for Charity

It's the first day of February and I decided to set a challenge for myself - that is to take one cloth (or perhaps shoes or accessories) from my wardrobe. And by the end of the month, I'll bring it to charity of my choice. This might be tricky as I already gave away a lot of stuff over Christmas. It will be harder for me to let go these stuff but I've decided I need to give more.
The first item I'll be giving away is my Mango yellow pants which I haven't used. The tag is still intact, I hope that this little help can reach people in need.
And to keep myself motivated in doing this, I will be sketching the clothes everyday.