Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

29 January 2014

Oh Finally

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.
Practice this everyday, believe me, you'll feel better. This is one of my mantras. Today is super special day, I became one of "them". Congratulate me.

24 January 2014

Grateful Friday

This week, days flew by without me noticing that it’s already Friday. I’d like to sum up the things that I’m happy and excited about: 

1. I go to bed early every night which is not normal but I do like it. 
2. I began taking care of my skin better, it takes time to follow the ritual but I’m getting used to it so far. 
3. I went out with friends last night and I’m amazed how I managed not to buy anything off the shelves, so yay!
4. I've decided to sell my Canon cameras and lenses. I’ll wait til May to buy the super awesome Fuji – X-T1 
5. My lover is coming home tomorrow, I can’t wait to have long kisses and warm hugs…

19 January 2014

Declutter and Boxes Too Many

home-office home-office home-office home-office home-office home-office
One of the things I looked forward to coming back home was to rearrange my home office. I need to be inspired to be productive this year, I've started few personal projects last year but didn't quite push through. An excuse of "I'm busy" became redundant and never finished anything but one thing - managed my expenditure and savings with a huge help of Google Drive. I'm a content user and can attest of its awesomeness!

For two days, I've been decluttering and throwing things (I've decided to let go) left and right. It's quite a relief to see my stuff in order and finding things I haven't seen for a while (haha!).  A carpet was a nice touch in my opinion, a silent saying "Hey, this is my territory!"

Animal foot warmers are the cutest, no one in the house like it but me so I'm keeping them in my corner.

For this year, I'm keeping all things simple. I've set personal projects of my own and joined few challenge:

1. Declutter my home office every season, it'd be nice to start with a clean slate. 
2. Wardrobe Resolution - targeting 30 clothes/ shoes/ accessories only for the  year 2014.
3. Reading Challenge - I'm putting 30 as well.
5. Take care of my skin and hair better and take vitamins.
6. Detox

I'm hoping to join 365 Grateful Project, wish me best ('',)

Chinatown in Singapore

I've been putting off the task to renew my domain no matter how much google reminds me to click the button "renew".... I don't know if I would still keep this but I know I will regret if I don't.


Over the holidays, we flew to Singapore to spend post-Christmas and New Year with our family. It was one blast crazy full of fun altogether and we made beautiful memories... It was an awesome experience to go to places that weren't built when we were still living in Singapore. Though I missed some places, it's fine for I know I'll be coming back soon.  

One of the checklist was to revisit Chinatown, we went local - eat in hawker and tried all the food we remember eating back then. We got most of 3 for S$10 bargain, didn't matter if we needed three of each item hahaha!

Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown

It's nearly Chinese New Year, the town has changed from Christmas decors to anything orange and horses. The town is vibrant and lively, I've few snaps somewhere that I'm going to share sooner or later. I'm impressed that Chinatown MRT Station is right in the nose of the main street, bravo!!!