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03 December 2013

Caricature Me!

Caricature Me!

So today we had our Christmas Funfare at work, and me being a happy camper went all giddy and excited seeing all the amazing stuff they've prepared for us! First we were asked to have our picture taken on a Chrismassy reddish background, there weren't too many people at the time so it was okay to do silly poses. They've printed it for us which I think super awesome! I haven't had my picture printed for a long time, so that was really cool :D 

On our way to the ticket (token) booth we were given popcorn and cotton candies, jeez, this is getting better and better!!! While munching on sweets, I watched my colleagues test their strength at the hammer game, I also tried and failed miserably. It's mighty heavy for a small built like me huhuhu.

People from Building 1, 2 and 4 started coming in the scene (we're few thousands all in all). Luckily, I had my nails and lipstick done at the Nails and Make Up Bar when the queue was already building up. I went to play some carnival games, I didn't win (for sure, I suck at these) but it's okay because it's clean fun and all the monies will go to charity. 

There was a palm reader on a tent but I chickened out to go in (I queued twice) and decided to spend my last few tokens on live caricature instead. I now have a remembrance of my first Christmas Funfare at Microsoft. And I'm looking forward for many years to come that I'll be participating this kind of event :D