Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

23 December 2013

So So So Excited!


I've never felt this so excited for the coming Christmas and New Year. I will be spending the holidays with family, relatives and old friends. It's been long overdue... 

I've still few bits and bobs to buy in town but I managed to get everything I need for the holidays. I might not be able to update my blog but you'll find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Christmas world and may you have a great time with your love ones. Cheers!


08 December 2013



My aunt gave me her precious pearls when my mum passed away last year. Today she joined her in heaven... These two women raised me and I am what I am now because of them. To me and my brothers, she was our second mother. 

I loved her dearly, she's been kind to me mostly. I'm grateful for all the support she gave me regardless how stubborn I was back in the day. I remember going to a high school party but wouldn't want to go if I don't have a new shoe. My mum didn't have any spare money to give me and I was angry. My aunt came to the rescue and bought me a new pair of shoe. Oh how stubborn I was really, but you never judged me, instead you've love and accepted me. 

Ate, I'm going to miss you
But I know this will be the best for everybody.

You will be well rested in heaven
With no sufferings and pain anymore.

You must be happier now that you're in heaven
You'll be dancing with mummy and granny.

03 December 2013

Caricature Me!

Caricature Me!

So today we had our Christmas Funfare at work, and me being a happy camper went all giddy and excited seeing all the amazing stuff they've prepared for us! First we were asked to have our picture taken on a Chrismassy reddish background, there weren't too many people at the time so it was okay to do silly poses. They've printed it for us which I think super awesome! I haven't had my picture printed for a long time, so that was really cool :D 

On our way to the ticket (token) booth we were given popcorn and cotton candies, jeez, this is getting better and better!!! While munching on sweets, I watched my colleagues test their strength at the hammer game, I also tried and failed miserably. It's mighty heavy for a small built like me huhuhu.

People from Building 1, 2 and 4 started coming in the scene (we're few thousands all in all). Luckily, I had my nails and lipstick done at the Nails and Make Up Bar when the queue was already building up. I went to play some carnival games, I didn't win (for sure, I suck at these) but it's okay because it's clean fun and all the monies will go to charity. 

There was a palm reader on a tent but I chickened out to go in (I queued twice) and decided to spend my last few tokens on live caricature instead. I now have a remembrance of my first Christmas Funfare at Microsoft. And I'm looking forward for many years to come that I'll be participating this kind of event :D

01 December 2013


So it's the first of December! We've decided to have brunch at Nandos and eat the biggest whole chicken they have, plus four large side dishes, men that was massive for two people hehe... 

I love Christmas decors, it's my most favourite things to look at. So today I put up some fancy lights at home and stare at it, while I watch "Hart of Dixie" in my iPad. I like how simple decors make my day already 😊

So really, life can be really this simple but happy. I wish everyone happy first of December!