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06 November 2013

Web Summit 2013

Web Summit happened and that's the break I needed, I'm lucky to get pick as part of Web Summit's Live Team. The job was to walk around and tweet about #WebSummit, easy peasy right? 

Web Summit 2013
Digital Marketing Stage

This year's event is the biggest web summit ever, 10,000 people came and every corner was full of people from different countries. Lots of creative buzz and cool innovations.
Web Summit 2013
Main Stage

I got to chat with people who works for Squarespace! They're the coolest ever!
Web Summit 2013

Food and drinks were overflowing left and right and at lunch time, we're led to go to Herbert Park where hot meals are served by Good Food Ireland.

This is the view going to Herbert Park, it was a bit chilly but it was sunny alright. The rain came in the afternoon though.
Web Summit 2013

Okay, this was my favourite spot - the box. Wifi seems very good in this area and power sockets were provided. I come here whenever my phone ran out of battery which is quite often for those two days. Tweeting and searching for wifi (all the time) were most difficult to do, which causing my iPhone to suck all the battery it needed. Such a cliche for a web event like this, similar happened last summit (2012).
Web Summit 2013

On my way out from digital stage, I saw Movember, they have a cool stage where a band played all day.Web Summit 2013

All in all, I had a wonderful experience. I'd like to do this again if given a chance next year. I like talk and mingle with smart young people.

Whew! I've finally finished this post a week after the event, not too bad eh... I wish I can write as often as I used to but it seems that I'm finding million of excuses not to. A for effort should be the way to go, till next time!