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15 September 2013

Hashtag - Couch Potato

Couch Potato
I've never imagine that I would be addicted to exercising, I like being a couch potato doing nothing.

As I aged, I get tired easily. I was always feeling under the weather and me sleeping late all the time has its payback. So I tried Bikram Yoga before and I love it but the heat was too much for me I think so I decided to do basic yoga instead. Fast forward, I re-enrolled myself to the gym once again to exercise and attend different classes. I have yet to try Zumba but I will when time permits. For now, I religiously go to Pilates every Monday and Yoga on Wednesday night. On weekends, I do indoor cycling and rowing, and it's doing my body a great favour. Never in my life I'd be this addicted to something healthy but I am now. My eating habit has improved too!

Not that I don't feel being lazy anymore, I do sometimes but it's lesser compare before, so yay!