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01 September 2013

Few Days in London

Me in London

Currently looking at my photos I took in London, so surreal to experience few days of warm summer where the country's weather is always known for wet and grey (similar to Ireland). The world is turning, we're truly having the best summer weather ever :D

The sky was clear when we left on Thursday, I love staring at the pluffy clouds...
Up in the air

On H's birthday, we had dinner at Duck and Waffle
located at the 40th floor of Heron Tower, 
the view is obviously fantastic but not the food though.
The restaurant is overrated for all I know.
And I never like that I was being constantly asked while eating >.<
Hun's birthday dinner @duckandwaffle it's on the 40th floor at Heron Tower #London

I prefer eating @Shoryu or any regular restaurant, they're pretty much
(Asian) authentic, it's way cheaper too!
Ramen is super delicious! Thanks for sharing @cookiesncandies I love love love this place! #shoryu #ramen #restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant +Westfield UK 
I reckon all Asian food here are authentic! Taste so good, all veggie today #westfield

We went on a bus tour, this is highly recommended if you want to know 
about British history.
Tallest skyscraper in Europe, you see not a lot of tall buildings are built here due to height restriction. Also, preserving their history matters a lot to the English. #london #skycraper

I got to experience London Eye both day and night time, 
I prefer seeing the city at broad daylight.
Instagramming in the hotel to rest for the night. We got to ride in the London Eye on our first night here. #LondonEye #London #Tour #holiday