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24 August 2013

A Beanie and A Bowler's Jacket

Feeling unwell is so uncool when you're on a holiday. Now off to #Westfield to grab some warm soup

I have booked two doctor appointments before I left Dublin. I have to postpone those appointments to give way to a short holiday in London, this has been booked long before I became unwell and true, no reason will stop me from going. It's nothing serious for sure but my nose bled this morning (which is alarming) so I have to take it easy today and cancel our planned vintage shopping. We'll be here til Monday so hopefully I get better asap (which I think I am now) so we can resume our well-planned trip.

I kinda like myself in black and white, they say I look like a rapper here, over and out.

22 August 2013

London Outfits and Google Drive

Today is the start of our five-day short holiday to London. We're all backpacking so I planned out my outfit well. Everything has to fit in my Kipling Backpack!

I love love love Google Drive, it's one of the best web's invention ever!!! Below, I've copy and pasted what I've written in my "London Oufits" docs. I also have a separate section for my toiletries and accessories! I'm so doing this in all my future travels. 

Day One
Stud Leather Jacket
Zara Combination Striped Top
H&M Black Skinny Jeans
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

Day Two
Bowler's Jacket
COS Knit Jacquard Top
Leather Short
Gold Converse

Day Three
Bowler's Jacket
COS Mesh Layer Dress
Gold Converse

Day Four
Stud Leather Jacket
COS Beige Shirt
Skater's Dress
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

Day Five
Stud Leather Jacket
Zara Black and White Striped Top
H&M Black Skinny Jeans
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

12 August 2013

Shoes are Absolutely Beautiful


I miss my camera, let's start to practise again by shooting beautiful things... 
Hope you're Monday is well.

11 August 2013

Sunday Noon

So today, we went to TK Maxx in Blanchardstown. T.K. Maxx is an 'off-price' retailer that carry branded stuff like CK, Fossil, Valentino and alike. It's similar to an outlet shop that has few floors and also offers home furniture. I quickly saw this Laura Ashley's country gumboots that I'd surely use during rainy season.
Laura Ashley >

We're on the last leg of warm summer, the chance of wearing shorts and t-shirt will soon disappear. Now onto my outfit:

Spotted this Zara's bowler's jacket 50% off online and so I quickly put it in my shopping basket along with several shirts I can wear at work. I've realised that I don't like wearing dresses in summer, I prefer wearing jeans. And this jacket compliments simple tops that I like wearing it to the moon and back. 

I dyed my [hair] roots to match the ends. I'm so used to doing this, it becomes a part of my routine every six weeks or so. I use Nice and Easy, I love how my hair became red the way I want it to be. Highly recommended!

05 August 2013

Leap of Faith


T'was rainy alright when we suddenly decided to go to a store that's open 7/24 somewhere south. We decided to go on the spur of the moment and realised that I am like this ever since. Yeah, that's me, the spontaneous one! I'm the type of person who gets bored easily and change (little) plans all the time. I'd often struggle with myself to come up with something either with serious or silly things in life.

Lately, I've been having sleepless nights, someone pointed me out that it might be stress.... unnecessary stress perhaps. Also, I'm dealing with something big that will totally change my life. Probably, I'm too scared to trust my fate. I must take that HUGE leap of faith.