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31 July 2013

Shopping Online When Sleep Is Hard to Find

A well designed retail and structured apps can be very effective to an impulse buyer like me. Zara iPad app is a good example, everything are spot on and it gives you plenty of option for delivery and payment (I use PayPal, it does wonders). You can also chose any of their shop as a pick up point. 

So yeah, I shopped online (twice!) during sleepless nights. And yeah, I purchased all these tops in a span of five minutes.


30 July 2013

July Favourites

July Favourites

Posting my favourites before July bids goodbye, oh how time flies!

Here is the list of July favourites:

1. The Casual Vacancy - I'm giving this book a second chance, I should be finishing it this week.
2. Orla Kiely wallet - love love love the leaves!
3. Crunchie Cadbury - I always have this in my bag ('',)
4. Converse in leather and it's GOLD! No explanation needed...
5. Golden bangles which I wear constantly, it makes loud kling klang noises whenever I walk ('',)
  July Favourites

29 July 2013



Considering Ireland's standard, we're experiencing incredible incredible weather so far, I'm honestly running out of summer outfits to wear... Last Friday, we decided to have dinner in Barracuda so that we can walk along the beach after. It was fun to walk out there and take pictures of the calm sea. 

23 July 2013



Finally found a perfect checkered shirt I can keep forever, got it in Diesel... at kid's section!!!
Happy Tuesday!

16 July 2013

Bare Legs

I hardly wear shorts without tights in this country, it's bloody cold even in summer..... Imagine my surprise when I double check the weather forecast for the coming days, it will be 25-28 degrees baby! I just really have to take this chance to wear shorts as if I am holidaying somewhere in Spain ('',)

Exploring along the Quay While everyone was watching Street Performance in Merrion Square, we decided to walk along the quays instead and found this beauty - Seacloud II
Seacloud II

Would be nice to be on board in that ship with a weather like this yeah?

14 July 2013

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag
I normally prepare my bag and weekly outfits on Sunday nights. A black leather bag is more likely a uniform per se. I wear neutral colours mostly everday. I think a black leather bag is the classiest no matter what you put in it.

Clockwise from top:
1. Basic Make Up
2. iPad Mini
3. L'Occitane Parfum
4. iPhone 4S
5. Gucci Wallet
6. Canon Powershot G1X
7. Burberry Shades 


12 July 2013

Oh July!

Having and celebrating a birthday in the month of July is awesome! Well, at least in this part of the world where everything is on sale, I get to pick what I like in the shop at discounted prices....

Me today: Style

07 July 2013

Cactus and Enrolling Myself to the Gym


I've been wanting this tiny plant for the longest time and I'm glad to have someone from work gave it to me when I did something for their department. Sweet isn't? It's the cutest ever, it makes my day brighter...

On another random (or update) story of mine, I've recently enrolled myself to the gym for the purpose of living a healthier life. I've been religiously exercising and eating better. My weekends were also bits of adventure, we planned to walk more but then we got lost and decided to drive towards M50. Glendalough it is!

Glendalough, Wicklow Glendalough, Wicklow Glendalough, Wicklow

05 July 2013

One True Summer

It's been sunny and warm these days and people are mostly outside to savour this awesome Irish weather we're getting. I've been constantly wearing shirts or airy dresses on some days when I'm feeling girly, pretty much fun to wear something floral or anything colourful.

It's Friday and everyone at work are feeling cheerful and chatty. Recently, I did a infographic project about being happy and unhappy in a workplace, it's proven that people stay at work if they get along with colleagues. I feel lucky to have landed in a job a like and people around me are so nice! I made friends with them in no time and they welcome me with open arms!

Factors for Workplace

01 July 2013

I'm Back to Blogging (hopefully) for Good!


And so I turned 30-something today. I decide to write something here for the purpose of encouraging myself to write again. Perhaps today will be a good start to be creative again.... A lot has happened which I'd happily wanted to share but life work took over. But I do hope that my blogging mojo will be back in no time, I must also get back to taking photographs again so please, wish me luck!