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16 February 2013

Magic Mouse


Magic mouse is my new bestfriend. It's silly how I ignored it for more than a year only to find out now that it will ease my CTS (aka Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) problem. I have my intuos wacom tablet that I use for drawing and editing photos but for basic typing and net browsing, I only wanted a mouse. This magic mouse has been sitting in my drawer for the longest time and just decided to try it the other day and wow, the constant pain on my right ring finger is totally gone!!!.....  Well, not really but I can feel the improvement already ツ

The wacom tablet and the (expensive) pen are quite troublesome to bring on site, so it brought me to this idea why try the magic mouse for editing photos! See above and below the finished products ツ

It takes time to get used to it and it's not recommendable for massive edits and drawings. It would help a lot if you have photoshop actions though. This might sound a magic mouse review, but if you know me in person, I always praise products that are easy to use, I rave about new restaurant finds, and appreciate attentive friendly customer service. Or perhaps I'm just easy peasy with optimistic mentality ツ