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01 February 2013

Jamie's Italian in Dundrum

Jamie's Italian Dublin Ireland Jamie's Italian Dublin

One of the things I promised to myself this year is to explore different places and food to eat, I've been too comfortable of relying to what's there in front of me or what I've always like.

While searching restaurants on the internet, I stumbled upon Jamie's Italian in Dundrum. It is owned by Jamie Oliver itself, a British chef and a celebrity who has TV shows, cookbooks and "charming talents". I didn't even know that we have one here to be quite honest! But I'm delighted to know that now and enjoy a fine dining experience which I did last Thursday.

I love his vibrant vintage-y website, it reflects the ambiance of the restaurant and it's impressive to see the food staff all good looking and attentive! Food was served quick which is always a plus factor of course, not to mention how delicious the pasta are! It is Italian, we have to order pasta but would love to try their steak and fish dishes next time. The place is spacious, and you wouldn't hear other people's conversation. Unless you're too nosy and eager to hear someone else gossip!