Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

21 February 2013

Travel Bug

30DaysOfCreativity1 By the time this is posted, I might be on my halfway to Donegal. The plan is to leave by 6am so I can be there before 10, I just hope that my memory won't fail me to remember the names of roads I passed through before. I must follow detour signs which has been there for few years, me thinks! 

I'll try to tweet about the places I'll be going, it's gonna be interesting! Happy Thursday!

18 February 2013

Out and About, Hello Spring!

It's nice to be out and about again after few months of constant rain and gloomy weather. I was one of those people who like to hide and never bother to walk in the park when it's cold outside. But recently, it seems the weather is changing and I'd like to resume my morning walks again, staying indoors most of the time is taking a toll on me, I've been having back pains already! 


16 February 2013

Magic Mouse


Magic mouse is my new bestfriend. It's silly how I ignored it for more than a year only to find out now that it will ease my CTS (aka Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) problem. I have my intuos wacom tablet that I use for drawing and editing photos but for basic typing and net browsing, I only wanted a mouse. This magic mouse has been sitting in my drawer for the longest time and just decided to try it the other day and wow, the constant pain on my right ring finger is totally gone!!!.....  Well, not really but I can feel the improvement already ツ

The wacom tablet and the (expensive) pen are quite troublesome to bring on site, so it brought me to this idea why try the magic mouse for editing photos! See above and below the finished products ツ

It takes time to get used to it and it's not recommendable for massive edits and drawings. It would help a lot if you have photoshop actions though. This might sound a magic mouse review, but if you know me in person, I always praise products that are easy to use, I rave about new restaurant finds, and appreciate attentive friendly customer service. Or perhaps I'm just easy peasy with optimistic mentality ツ


06 February 2013

Doughnuts and De-clutter


iPhoto drives me mad. The way it's duplicating everything frustrates me where all I want is to have one single back up of the photos and sketches I made. Doughnut monster (sketch above) came multiple times in four different folders and I have to manually delete each of them. All I want is to de-clutter.

But then I guess, this drawing reminds me to slow down on gulping sweets all the more I haven't got back to my "normal weight" after devouring lots and lots of food over Christmas season. Gahhhh....

Bleeding inside.

01 February 2013

Jamie's Italian in Dundrum

Jamie's Italian Dublin Ireland Jamie's Italian Dublin

One of the things I promised to myself this year is to explore different places and food to eat, I've been too comfortable of relying to what's there in front of me or what I've always like.

While searching restaurants on the internet, I stumbled upon Jamie's Italian in Dundrum. It is owned by Jamie Oliver itself, a British chef and a celebrity who has TV shows, cookbooks and "charming talents". I didn't even know that we have one here to be quite honest! But I'm delighted to know that now and enjoy a fine dining experience which I did last Thursday.

I love his vibrant vintage-y website, it reflects the ambiance of the restaurant and it's impressive to see the food staff all good looking and attentive! Food was served quick which is always a plus factor of course, not to mention how delicious the pasta are! It is Italian, we have to order pasta but would love to try their steak and fish dishes next time. The place is spacious, and you wouldn't hear other people's conversation. Unless you're too nosy and eager to hear someone else gossip!