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28 January 2013

A Perky Wallpaper

Horse and Dot

It all started when a friend recommended a restaurant called Bobo's for lunch, myself and colleague went straight in when we saw a deal of €10 for a hamburger, chips and drinks. Upon entering, you'll notice this massive wall art of a farm with fat (and cutesy) cows. It got stuck in my mind and had this idea to create something for my iPhone wallpaper..... which I also turned into my twitter background. A bit of tweaking with fonts and multiple dots, voila!

Photoshop tip of the day:
Using Photoshop, make sure to put everything into separate layers, also, converting a layer into smart object can be handy when you decide to edit them in illustrator or in any vector-drawing environment.


The above photo is just a small portion of the massive wall art in Bobo's, you'll see a bit of their comfy couch in faux leather cow print fabric where I sat. And I tasted one of the best hamburgers ever! It was super delicious and spicy, it's called "The Diorai" - prime juicy beef burger with iceberg lettuce, Old Dubliner cheddar cheese, smothered with chilli mince, salsa and chipotle mayonnaise. Writing this post makes me want to come back for more!