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28 January 2013

A Perky Wallpaper

Horse and Dot

It all started when a friend recommended a restaurant called Bobo's for lunch, myself and colleague went straight in when we saw a deal of €10 for a hamburger, chips and drinks. Upon entering, you'll notice this massive wall art of a farm with fat (and cutesy) cows. It got stuck in my mind and had this idea to create something for my iPhone wallpaper..... which I also turned into my twitter background. A bit of tweaking with fonts and multiple dots, voila!

Photoshop tip of the day:
Using Photoshop, make sure to put everything into separate layers, also, converting a layer into smart object can be handy when you decide to edit them in illustrator or in any vector-drawing environment.


The above photo is just a small portion of the massive wall art in Bobo's, you'll see a bit of their comfy couch in faux leather cow print fabric where I sat. And I tasted one of the best hamburgers ever! It was super delicious and spicy, it's called "The Diorai" - prime juicy beef burger with iceberg lettuce, Old Dubliner cheddar cheese, smothered with chilli mince, salsa and chipotle mayonnaise. Writing this post makes me want to come back for more!

09 January 2013

London Underground | 150th Anniversary

London Underground
Today marks 150th Anniversary of London Underground, I've no idea how long it has been built so I did a little research about it. I was in London last month and I used London Underground (often called as "London Tube") as much as I needed to to get around the massive town. It can really get confusing at first but you get the hang of changing lanes after few minutes of wondering around it. Each journey can be really quick, you've no time to sit and relax, I like the punctuality of it, it comes between 2-5 minutes.

Photo above has been featured on Places in London website!!! Yay!!!

05 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell's Lita


I've forgotten how comfortable Jeffrey Campbell's Lita is! I've no problem walking in them and yet it gives me the height I've always wanted. The shoe has 5" heel which makes me five foot seven 

Anyway, today we watched the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland at NCH. The venue is packed with parents and supporters, the concert itself is awe-inspiring. I always admire young people who do something for passion. It helps them to decide what they want to be in future.

Pasta Fresca

Been here quite a few times and to be quite honest, dishes would be hit or miss at times. But I love spending time alone in this restaurant, they have comfy couches and relaxing ambiance. I love to watch tourists coming in for a wine of glass or something to eat.

I ordered "Agnolotti", it's a pillow shaped pasta filled with mushrooms and parmesan cheese in a creamy wild mushrooms sauce, similar to the picture above.

I like their logo so I'm bookmarking their website.

03 January 2013

Web Design | Capers Pizza

Logo was already given by the client and I think it has a strong recognition when it comes to pizza business. Red and yellow give a cheerful vibe on a website and I balanced these two primary colours in a white background. Knowing my preference, I’d like to make the site clean and gleam.

Colour Palette: Red | White | Yellow 
Background: White 
Title Font: Fontdiner 
Body Font: Orator 
Pizza Photo: www.ilvstrated.comCapers Pizza Capers Pizza

01 January 2013

Cheers to 2013!


Much to my newly found typefonts interest, I will be exploring the different types for the new year. And I'd like to incorporate them with outfits, perhaps to make my research a lot more interesting for myself. I'm also planning to do a blog makeover this year since I've been on hiatus long enough that even myself noticed the cobwebs lingering around my website. I hope to see you around and thanks for  dropping by once in a while! xoxo
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