Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

23 December 2013

So So So Excited!


I've never felt this so excited for the coming Christmas and New Year. I will be spending the holidays with family, relatives and old friends. It's been long overdue... 

I've still few bits and bobs to buy in town but I managed to get everything I need for the holidays. I might not be able to update my blog but you'll find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Christmas world and may you have a great time with your love ones. Cheers!


08 December 2013



My aunt gave me her precious pearls when my mum passed away last year. Today she joined her in heaven... These two women raised me and I am what I am now because of them. To me and my brothers, she was our second mother. 

I loved her dearly, she's been kind to me mostly. I'm grateful for all the support she gave me regardless how stubborn I was back in the day. I remember going to a high school party but wouldn't want to go if I don't have a new shoe. My mum didn't have any spare money to give me and I was angry. My aunt came to the rescue and bought me a new pair of shoe. Oh how stubborn I was really, but you never judged me, instead you've love and accepted me. 

Ate, I'm going to miss you
But I know this will be the best for everybody.

You will be well rested in heaven
With no sufferings and pain anymore.

You must be happier now that you're in heaven
You'll be dancing with mummy and granny.

03 December 2013

Caricature Me!

Caricature Me!

So today we had our Christmas Funfare at work, and me being a happy camper went all giddy and excited seeing all the amazing stuff they've prepared for us! First we were asked to have our picture taken on a Chrismassy reddish background, there weren't too many people at the time so it was okay to do silly poses. They've printed it for us which I think super awesome! I haven't had my picture printed for a long time, so that was really cool :D 

On our way to the ticket (token) booth we were given popcorn and cotton candies, jeez, this is getting better and better!!! While munching on sweets, I watched my colleagues test their strength at the hammer game, I also tried and failed miserably. It's mighty heavy for a small built like me huhuhu.

People from Building 1, 2 and 4 started coming in the scene (we're few thousands all in all). Luckily, I had my nails and lipstick done at the Nails and Make Up Bar when the queue was already building up. I went to play some carnival games, I didn't win (for sure, I suck at these) but it's okay because it's clean fun and all the monies will go to charity. 

There was a palm reader on a tent but I chickened out to go in (I queued twice) and decided to spend my last few tokens on live caricature instead. I now have a remembrance of my first Christmas Funfare at Microsoft. And I'm looking forward for many years to come that I'll be participating this kind of event :D

01 December 2013


So it's the first of December! We've decided to have brunch at Nandos and eat the biggest whole chicken they have, plus four large side dishes, men that was massive for two people hehe... 

I love Christmas decors, it's my most favourite things to look at. So today I put up some fancy lights at home and stare at it, while I watch "Hart of Dixie" in my iPad. I like how simple decors make my day already 😊

So really, life can be really this simple but happy. I wish everyone happy first of December! 

08 November 2013


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. 
It turns what we have into enough, and more. 

It turns denial into acceptance
chaos to order
confusion to clarity. 

It can turn a meal into a feast 
a house into a home
a stranger into a friend. 

Gratitude makes sense of our past, 
brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie

Happy weekend everyone!

06 November 2013

Web Summit 2013

Web Summit happened and that's the break I needed, I'm lucky to get pick as part of Web Summit's Live Team. The job was to walk around and tweet about #WebSummit, easy peasy right? 

Web Summit 2013
Digital Marketing Stage

This year's event is the biggest web summit ever, 10,000 people came and every corner was full of people from different countries. Lots of creative buzz and cool innovations.
Web Summit 2013
Main Stage

I got to chat with people who works for Squarespace! They're the coolest ever!
Web Summit 2013

Food and drinks were overflowing left and right and at lunch time, we're led to go to Herbert Park where hot meals are served by Good Food Ireland.

This is the view going to Herbert Park, it was a bit chilly but it was sunny alright. The rain came in the afternoon though.
Web Summit 2013

Okay, this was my favourite spot - the box. Wifi seems very good in this area and power sockets were provided. I come here whenever my phone ran out of battery which is quite often for those two days. Tweeting and searching for wifi (all the time) were most difficult to do, which causing my iPhone to suck all the battery it needed. Such a cliche for a web event like this, similar happened last summit (2012).
Web Summit 2013

On my way out from digital stage, I saw Movember, they have a cool stage where a band played all day.Web Summit 2013

All in all, I had a wonderful experience. I'd like to do this again if given a chance next year. I like talk and mingle with smart young people.

Whew! I've finally finished this post a week after the event, not too bad eh... I wish I can write as often as I used to but it seems that I'm finding million of excuses not to. A for effort should be the way to go, till next time!

21 October 2013

Coco Mademoiselle

Tried too many perfumes in the past but I'm not loving any of them. Liking is one thing but love would be my perfect word for Coco Mademoiselle. I guess, I know what to get on my next trip to House of Fraser then.

On a random thought, I've finally get the hang of putting make up every morning. I've realised that I feel better with it and been buying skincare, wow, I feel like a true adult.

03 October 2013

Rainy Thursday

Saba Restaurant

A prompt date on a rainy Thursday, this is badly needed for someone like me who has been busy for couple of months now. Gawd, I miss blogging...

True happiness resides within you.
Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves.
That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are,
and it comes from the way that you think. — Wayne Dyer

16 September 2013

Just When I Thought I Look Good

Work outfit of the day, I took picture of myself at the shower room before I left work #selfie and then...

Armed with my trusty Zara leather jacket, I was prepared to fight the cold wind outside our office building. I knew for a fact that the wind is merciless at this time but little did I know that it would rain (so hard!) as well!!!

So this is me when I got to the parking lot  >.<

Then it was sunny again afterwards, oh Ireland....

I now think I'm nursing a cold (︺︹︺)

15 September 2013

Hashtag - Couch Potato

Couch Potato
I've never imagine that I would be addicted to exercising, I like being a couch potato doing nothing.

As I aged, I get tired easily. I was always feeling under the weather and me sleeping late all the time has its payback. So I tried Bikram Yoga before and I love it but the heat was too much for me I think so I decided to do basic yoga instead. Fast forward, I re-enrolled myself to the gym once again to exercise and attend different classes. I have yet to try Zumba but I will when time permits. For now, I religiously go to Pilates every Monday and Yoga on Wednesday night. On weekends, I do indoor cycling and rowing, and it's doing my body a great favour. Never in my life I'd be this addicted to something healthy but I am now. My eating habit has improved too!

Not that I don't feel being lazy anymore, I do sometimes but it's lesser compare before, so yay!

11 September 2013

Steve Madden and Another

I think this is the classiest heels I own so far, I'm more of a wedge-kind of girl. I like chunky heels because they're comfortable to walk on and I also believe that skinny heels never suits me nor I could pull it off. However, I picked an elegant dress for my graduation on Friday and a pointed shoe would be perfect for it. With that in mind, I went on a shoe hunt after work today and glad to have met Steve Madden! I'm very delighted!

Steve Madden Steve Madden
P.S. The heels are gold!!! 

But then again, I realised I might ruin it if I walk outside the cobblestone streets so I bought an extra pair that's made for walking :)

Schuh Schuh

10 September 2013

One Day

I'll visit here, one day.

This is all I ever could think of while watching the Apple Event today.

07 September 2013


LondonNatural History Museum is a must see when you're in London, the queue might be long but it's worth the wait. You'll see dinosaurs, human evolution, precious stones a lot more. Admission is free by the way.

Me in London This is me on my way to DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to City of London, we stayed at Novotel Hotel opposite Excel London, I like the quietness there, not a lot of people go there unless for business.

We experienced Indian summer in London, weather has been awesome when we were there. The tube is great for going in and out of the city, we also did the bus tour which was absolutely educational for everyone. We didn't get the chance to go to Buckingham Palace though, perhaps next time?

London This vintage car is parked in front of Westminster, I reckon it was purposely put there for people to see.
  LondonGraffitis are everywhere, I think it's a "London thing".

On A Hunt

Tried so many dresses last night but they're rather bleh or yuck
So today I'll be on a serious hunt, wish me luck.
  Dress Hunt

04 September 2013

I Just Have to Have It


The moment I got the notification email that this leather skirt is available to purchase, 
I just have to have it. Get it at


02 September 2013

Obsessively Craving


Online shopping is just so tempting, how could you not love those coats from Zara.
(photo captured from Zara website)

01 September 2013

Few Days in London

Me in London

Currently looking at my photos I took in London, so surreal to experience few days of warm summer where the country's weather is always known for wet and grey (similar to Ireland). The world is turning, we're truly having the best summer weather ever :D

The sky was clear when we left on Thursday, I love staring at the pluffy clouds...
Up in the air

On H's birthday, we had dinner at Duck and Waffle
located at the 40th floor of Heron Tower, 
the view is obviously fantastic but not the food though.
The restaurant is overrated for all I know.
And I never like that I was being constantly asked while eating >.<
Hun's birthday dinner @duckandwaffle it's on the 40th floor at Heron Tower #London

I prefer eating @Shoryu or any regular restaurant, they're pretty much
(Asian) authentic, it's way cheaper too!
Ramen is super delicious! Thanks for sharing @cookiesncandies I love love love this place! #shoryu #ramen #restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant +Westfield UK 
I reckon all Asian food here are authentic! Taste so good, all veggie today #westfield

We went on a bus tour, this is highly recommended if you want to know 
about British history.
Tallest skyscraper in Europe, you see not a lot of tall buildings are built here due to height restriction. Also, preserving their history matters a lot to the English. #london #skycraper

I got to experience London Eye both day and night time, 
I prefer seeing the city at broad daylight.
Instagramming in the hotel to rest for the night. We got to ride in the London Eye on our first night here. #LondonEye #London #Tour #holiday

Open Closet


We quickly popped in Ikea yesterday to get some stuff for the kitchen and while I was wondering around the storage area, I chanced upon these hat racks. I only own one hat so why not use these racks as an open closet instead. I did a quick sketch and voila, I have now my open closet!  

So the weekend was busy building stuff, we also did another spring cleaning, threw a lot of unnecessary things. It feels much better, I feel lighter :D

24 August 2013

A Beanie and A Bowler's Jacket

Feeling unwell is so uncool when you're on a holiday. Now off to #Westfield to grab some warm soup

I have booked two doctor appointments before I left Dublin. I have to postpone those appointments to give way to a short holiday in London, this has been booked long before I became unwell and true, no reason will stop me from going. It's nothing serious for sure but my nose bled this morning (which is alarming) so I have to take it easy today and cancel our planned vintage shopping. We'll be here til Monday so hopefully I get better asap (which I think I am now) so we can resume our well-planned trip.

I kinda like myself in black and white, they say I look like a rapper here, over and out.

22 August 2013

London Outfits and Google Drive

Today is the start of our five-day short holiday to London. We're all backpacking so I planned out my outfit well. Everything has to fit in my Kipling Backpack!

I love love love Google Drive, it's one of the best web's invention ever!!! Below, I've copy and pasted what I've written in my "London Oufits" docs. I also have a separate section for my toiletries and accessories! I'm so doing this in all my future travels. 

Day One
Stud Leather Jacket
Zara Combination Striped Top
H&M Black Skinny Jeans
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

Day Two
Bowler's Jacket
COS Knit Jacquard Top
Leather Short
Gold Converse

Day Three
Bowler's Jacket
COS Mesh Layer Dress
Gold Converse

Day Four
Stud Leather Jacket
COS Beige Shirt
Skater's Dress
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

Day Five
Stud Leather Jacket
Zara Black and White Striped Top
H&M Black Skinny Jeans
Aldo Graziana Sneakers

12 August 2013

Shoes are Absolutely Beautiful


I miss my camera, let's start to practise again by shooting beautiful things... 
Hope you're Monday is well.

11 August 2013

Sunday Noon

So today, we went to TK Maxx in Blanchardstown. T.K. Maxx is an 'off-price' retailer that carry branded stuff like CK, Fossil, Valentino and alike. It's similar to an outlet shop that has few floors and also offers home furniture. I quickly saw this Laura Ashley's country gumboots that I'd surely use during rainy season.
Laura Ashley >

We're on the last leg of warm summer, the chance of wearing shorts and t-shirt will soon disappear. Now onto my outfit:

Spotted this Zara's bowler's jacket 50% off online and so I quickly put it in my shopping basket along with several shirts I can wear at work. I've realised that I don't like wearing dresses in summer, I prefer wearing jeans. And this jacket compliments simple tops that I like wearing it to the moon and back. 

I dyed my [hair] roots to match the ends. I'm so used to doing this, it becomes a part of my routine every six weeks or so. I use Nice and Easy, I love how my hair became red the way I want it to be. Highly recommended!

05 August 2013

Leap of Faith


T'was rainy alright when we suddenly decided to go to a store that's open 7/24 somewhere south. We decided to go on the spur of the moment and realised that I am like this ever since. Yeah, that's me, the spontaneous one! I'm the type of person who gets bored easily and change (little) plans all the time. I'd often struggle with myself to come up with something either with serious or silly things in life.

Lately, I've been having sleepless nights, someone pointed me out that it might be stress.... unnecessary stress perhaps. Also, I'm dealing with something big that will totally change my life. Probably, I'm too scared to trust my fate. I must take that HUGE leap of faith.


31 July 2013

Shopping Online When Sleep Is Hard to Find

A well designed retail and structured apps can be very effective to an impulse buyer like me. Zara iPad app is a good example, everything are spot on and it gives you plenty of option for delivery and payment (I use PayPal, it does wonders). You can also chose any of their shop as a pick up point. 

So yeah, I shopped online (twice!) during sleepless nights. And yeah, I purchased all these tops in a span of five minutes.


30 July 2013

July Favourites

July Favourites

Posting my favourites before July bids goodbye, oh how time flies!

Here is the list of July favourites:

1. The Casual Vacancy - I'm giving this book a second chance, I should be finishing it this week.
2. Orla Kiely wallet - love love love the leaves!
3. Crunchie Cadbury - I always have this in my bag ('',)
4. Converse in leather and it's GOLD! No explanation needed...
5. Golden bangles which I wear constantly, it makes loud kling klang noises whenever I walk ('',)
  July Favourites