Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

30 December 2012

Year 2012 in Review

1.   Started the year with no concrete plan but to continue my post degree. I let the destiny dictated my future, I just ride along... 

2.   Mum passed away in February, just right after her 62nd birthday. I do still miss her everyday but thankful to have beautiful night dreams where she visits me often. Unexpectedly, this was the moment I became closer to my brothers who live miles away from me. I was taken aback for having no clue how successful they are with their chosen careers. I'm a proud sister. 

3.   I spent a lot of time being with friends to shake off the cheerlessness I carry around with me, it helps that I've been busy working on several assignments and projects. In addition to that, one of my photos were featured in a postcard website.

4.   My other half set off on working in England but the situation brought the three of us closer. Though it wasn't easy as I've first thought, everything went well in the end. 
 "If there’s one thing family does, it is to believe,
against all odds, in the best of each other."
5.    I did a lot of firsts this year like taking the train going to South-West of Ireland. I drove hundred miles alone  (and got lost a few times) to work on several projects. I am finally an independent woman!

6.    I've finally graduated from University College Dublin. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something that will totally changed your career. I have move on and embraced new beginnings. 

7.    I also got to spend few days holiday in London just before the year ends and appreciate the things I've overlooked before.

Overall, my 2012 is not bad after all. I am welcoming 2013 with open arms and lots of positivity no matter What's meant for me will never, for sure, pass me by.