Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

07 December 2012

Instagram Suits My Lifestyle | Winter 2012

It’s easier to share everyone my whereabouts and what’s on my mind. 

Green Grass – it’s covered with little snow. I walk here everyday on my way to work.

Big Ben – you have to have a picture of Big Ben whenever you’re in London.

Life is Tasty – I had fish pie at the Market Bar, it’s my old time favourite.

Zara Coat – their app is handy whenever I’m itching to get something. I browse the catalog and decide what I want to buy. Got this coat the other day and wore it yesterday, I love it the most amongst my other coats.

DKNY Purse – I always bring this with me whenever I travel. It’s small but spacious to put in the passport, wallet and iPhone. 

Notting Hill Gate – coming out from the tube, someone snapped this logo and I followed her to do the same thing, obviously, I’m a copycat.

Cobra King – I celebrated the end of my post degree together with my classmates. We went to Saagar Indian Restaurant and had a blast, it was a sweet ending but new beginnings are awaiting for all of us.
Looking through my instagram, I’m feeling grateful. My life isn’t perfect but I have mostly everything I need. Happy Friday!