Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

30 September 2012

Earl of Desmond, Tralee

Earl of Desmond TraleeEarl of Desmond TraleeEarl of Desmond Tralee

Sneak peek of a hotel in Tralee I've shot recently. I got to ride in a crane, met wonderful people and amazed with all the greens everywhere. I will share more photos once they're publish on the hotel website itself which I'm currently designing as well. 

Being Introvert

The video says it all... 
I'm somehow understand my inner me when I first watch this as I nodded and agreed to everything she said. 
Being introvert is not a weakness, it's a personality.

There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” (Susan Cain)

10 September 2012


ElenaElena ElenaElena Elena Elena Elena Elena

One of my favourite shoots I did for this year, it was just me and her having fun at the cross. I've asked her to do awkward poses and she didn't budged, it's all for the sake of "art". 

This week will be surely a fast one, I'll be traveling to South West of Ireland and to the West to cover a festival, it will be fun. Will update y'all on twitter xx 

05 September 2012

Beautiful Dark Things

Beautiful Dark Things Beautiful Dark Things Beautiful Dark Things

Bianca is one promising actress who has this amazing talent and persistence to pursue her dreams. She'll do whatever it takes and I like that attitude of her. She would suggest doing things beyond necessary to get the best shot for this photoshoot. With her personality and positive thinking about life, I won't be surprise to see her big in the limelight one day, goodluck chicken xx

Model: Bianca | Make up and Styling: Sylwia | Photography: Me

01 September 2012

1st of September


"Sometimes you have to cross the line to do the right thing" ~ Mike Ross (Suits)
Oh September, bring it on!