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29 August 2012

I Lay There Til My Face Turns Red


Meet Elena, one of the nicest person I've met. She giggles a lot to no end... 
She's beautiful, smart and kind. She's very young and yet I talk to her like she's my age!

Will post more of her in the next coming days, Happy Tuesday everyone!

20 August 2012

Rebranding and New Facebook Page

Not a lot of people I know can pronounce "ilvstrated" [il-uh-strey-ted] so I decided to rebrand and curved the business into my own name - ABSOLUTELY TUESDAY! I created a new Facebook page and will occasionally post my projects for my friends to see.

Still, will serve as my blog and domain name. I might change everything to Absolutely Tuesday in future but "ilvstrated" will be my forever baby.

Some photos I shoot recently...

Teodora SutraTeodora Sutra Teodora Sutra

13 August 2012

Fashion Illustrated

Fashion Illustrated
This is a personal project I'd like to run for a month. Drawings are inspired by the things I see around, be it in person or from any fashion websites I frequently visit. Not setting any rules here, I just want to see how I progress by manually sketching every single of it and manipulate them digitally. 

I reckon it will be easier to draw with the new Inkling Pen from Wacom but I don't have it yet. And yes, it is definitely in my wish list.

If you're in Facebook, please do visit my page for blogging updates and what not.

Thanks for visiting, tata!