Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

24 July 2012

Bray Summerfest 2012


I'm afraid of riding carnival rides, I'm a chicken like that. Except of ferris wheel where I can see the world up in the sky, slowly. Though I'm spontaneous, I like foreseeing my path at my own little pace. It's not worth rushing things I'd regret in the end.

Some circumstances changed my mindset to see things properly, I'm taking it sweet and slow like riding in a ferris wheel, enjoying each moment and celebrating life the way it should be.  

On Sunday, we spent the whole day watching Breaking Bad, all Season 4, come dinner, no one is keen on cooking something so I suggested perhaps walk to the park and buy takeaways after. I don't know what happened but we just kept on driving and had this random idea to why not check the Irish Sea from Bray. So off we went and surprised to see carnival rides and lots of happy people. It's nice... and spontaneous.