Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

01 April 2012

Klimt on my Instagram

The first thing I check every morning is Instagram, I enjoy looking at beautiful things that everyone are posting there. I'm also finding out amazing iPhone apps such as Percolator, Toon Paint, Pixlro-ma-tic and alike.

And I like to write some little stories of these artsy fartsy photos...

My Undying Love for Gadgets:
I'm faced with this stuff everyday in my life, they're the witness of my daily routine and "secrets" of my life. With these gadgets, I honed my skills and found new friends.




Random things I shoot on a daily basis and in this manner, I remember the people I was with and things I was doing those days.
1. 3 glasses of water I asked from the waitress when we went to eat at Eddie Rockets, that's for me, H and K.
2. Elegant ball lights I spotted at Lemon Grass, M and I like to have our skinny lattes here, I'd sometime order for hot chocolate with marshmallows though...
3. Amazing skylight at the Swan Shopping Centre's cafeteria. H and I had our breakfast whilst waiting for Irish Citizenship ceremony to start.
4. Massive knotted ball light from Ikea when I was hunting for some lamp. I didn't buy it, I went for a tamer one instead.


It's April's Fools and it's my mom's 40th day, I went to church to light a candle for her, as the old days saying, she's finally entering heaven. I put her portrait on a pedestal at home and light 3 candles as well.