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28 April 2012

“Alegria” Cirque Du Soleil at O2 Dublin

T’was a fantastic experience to watch “Alegria” Cirque du Soleil at the O2 Dublin last Thursday night. The show was worth the price I paid for, they all performed gracefully and I’m in awe watching the stunts they can do. The lead has an awesome voice, it made me teared up listening to her. I can’t even describe the feeling I had watching them. Two thumbs up for the performance but not about the O2 Dublin. As far as I remember, it was recently built (2008) and should have acceptable quality with regards to theatre standards, gawd, going to the toilets will give you big chills (read: FREEZING!) but inside the hall was somewhat torrid. Oh and I won’t even mention the abrupt steps, for once, I feared for my dear life. I’m easy to be pleased but I’m not really sure if I will come back there again that soon. I save for these kinds of events and as a customer, I should be satisfied for the service and amenities I’m paying for. I find that the expensive car park ticket was unnecessary, it was lashing rain that night and we had to run like crazy from the carpark going to the theatre, why it isn’t even connected underground? And coming out from the basement parking was a total torture, it took as half an hour to get out and another half waiting for the green traffic light.