Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

29 April 2012

Brona Clarke

Swamped with work, I've no idea how I'm surviving the weekend. The weather doesn't seem inviting so I might stay at home for as long as I can and work hard as I could.

As I'm sipping my tea, I decided to blog about a simple photoshoot I did with Brona and make up artist Sylwia a week ago....

Sylwia is a friend of mine I met a year ago, we got along very well and would meet up for coffee often. She is currently updating her make up portfolio so she came up with this idea about flower headdress and a dainty model - Brona.

The shoot was done in Clarendon Bar, Brona is definitely a head turner, her figure is model-like and the people kept looking at her!

Ending this post by quoting Diana Rikasari's,  "Success is a state of mind where we are simply happy because we are living a life we love."

Model: Brona Clarke
MUA: Sylwia Rubjik
Photography: Tuesday Jane


28 April 2012

“Alegria” Cirque Du Soleil at O2 Dublin

T’was a fantastic experience to watch “Alegria” Cirque du Soleil at the O2 Dublin last Thursday night. The show was worth the price I paid for, they all performed gracefully and I’m in awe watching the stunts they can do. The lead has an awesome voice, it made me teared up listening to her. I can’t even describe the feeling I had watching them. Two thumbs up for the performance but not about the O2 Dublin. As far as I remember, it was recently built (2008) and should have acceptable quality with regards to theatre standards, gawd, going to the toilets will give you big chills (read: FREEZING!) but inside the hall was somewhat torrid. Oh and I won’t even mention the abrupt steps, for once, I feared for my dear life. I’m easy to be pleased but I’m not really sure if I will come back there again that soon. I save for these kinds of events and as a customer, I should be satisfied for the service and amenities I’m paying for. I find that the expensive car park ticket was unnecessary, it was lashing rain that night and we had to run like crazy from the carpark going to the theatre, why it isn’t even connected underground? And coming out from the basement parking was a total torture, it took as half an hour to get out and another half waiting for the green traffic light.

15 April 2012

Keep One's Head Above The Water

With so many things happening at the same time, I must keep myself above the water. I'd like to pause for a while and appreciate all great things around me. Posting here is my solace and I will continue to write beautiful things. Come here, come away with me...


12 April 2012

Carry On

Another great opportunity came knocking at my door yesterday, it's two actually and I'm way beyond excited. Life is full of surprises and I guess the key to success is to carry on, be kind and always look on the bright side. 

As for this blog, I'll keep posting beautiful portraits that I've worked on for the past few months, I'm so way behind publishing each of them but will try my best to post all. 

Life should be a balance. Now I'm off for lunch.... Happy Thursday!

09 April 2012

Gossip Girl

Easter weekend seemed blurred and fast in my case. Because for days, I'm working on a project that will foretell my career path. This will be big, and I'm very much sure that I'd love to do this more in the future 100%. I hope they will like it...

But no matter, I always believe that everything happens for a reason. If this new direction meant for me, then it will be. I would be very very happy (",)

Now to relax myself a bit, I watched the first 2 episodes of Gossip Girl Season 5 that led me to do a quick edit of Gillian's photos I shot few months ago at the Church Bar. I let my mind wander off a little and later I must go back to what I should be really doing.

Hope you guys had a fantastic Easter weekend! Tata!

Gillian Gillian

04 April 2012

Hunger Games

Hunger Games

Much to my disappointment, I have expected that the film would be somewhat closer to what the book has offered to the readers. My imagination (before watching the film) went overboard, I thought it would be cool to see mutants with human eyes, unrecognizable people living in the capitol and cruel bloody battles which I didn't see at all! I guess, my expectations are too high given the fact that this trilogy gave me sleepless nights to think how horrid the world can be if this is real life.

I would still like to see the next one though, think it's okay to throw some penny....  

01 April 2012

Klimt on my Instagram

The first thing I check every morning is Instagram, I enjoy looking at beautiful things that everyone are posting there. I'm also finding out amazing iPhone apps such as Percolator, Toon Paint, Pixlro-ma-tic and alike.

And I like to write some little stories of these artsy fartsy photos...

My Undying Love for Gadgets:
I'm faced with this stuff everyday in my life, they're the witness of my daily routine and "secrets" of my life. With these gadgets, I honed my skills and found new friends.




Random things I shoot on a daily basis and in this manner, I remember the people I was with and things I was doing those days.
1. 3 glasses of water I asked from the waitress when we went to eat at Eddie Rockets, that's for me, H and K.
2. Elegant ball lights I spotted at Lemon Grass, M and I like to have our skinny lattes here, I'd sometime order for hot chocolate with marshmallows though...
3. Amazing skylight at the Swan Shopping Centre's cafeteria. H and I had our breakfast whilst waiting for Irish Citizenship ceremony to start.
4. Massive knotted ball light from Ikea when I was hunting for some lamp. I didn't buy it, I went for a tamer one instead.


It's April's Fools and it's my mom's 40th day, I went to church to light a candle for her, as the old days saying, she's finally entering heaven. I put her portrait on a pedestal at home and light 3 candles as well.


National Convention Centre Dublin Ireland

The Convention Centre Dublin
Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
 I'll see you in heaven Mama 
#40th Day