Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

31 March 2012

30 March 2012

One's Character

Travel Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, 
because your character is what you really are, 
while your reputation is merely what others think you are. 
~ John Wooden

27 March 2012

A Dream

Howth Sea View

I dreamt of you last night, you were that young and skinny. You were coming home from work just like the old days, I was all happy and glee!... Thanks for visiting me in my dreams mom, you don't know how much I'm missing you. I love you...

23 March 2012


Dun Laoghaire

Watch what happens in your life when you practice gratitude every single moment and in every opportunity that you can. The more deeply and sincerely you feel it, the more you will bring absolute bliss and happiness in your life. 

Happy Friday Universe!

22 March 2012

Friends and Shopping are the Best Therapy Ever

I met my dear friend S in Wagamama for an hour of chat, I had few hours to kill before I met another friend in Saba for business related matter... I'd say it was a well out planned day because I even wrote the stuff I needed to buy and things I wanted to check out in Grafton St. I made sure that I ticked off some of the boxes in my "things to do" list.

Shopping @Grafton St Shopping @Grafton St Shopping @Grafton St

Shopping the Essentials

1. Shu uemura Skincare - tried and tested, I love bits and pieces of this product. I'm one happy customer.
2. M&S tights is my forever uniform of all times. I wear them on most of my outfit because I'm always cold.

19 March 2012

Home Office | Workspace

I've been obsessing to re-design my home office for quite a while now, I'd like to have a paperless workspace but no matter how much I want to get rid of it, they're still everywhere, oh well...

The leather couch is where my guests sit, underneath is where I put all my photo gadgets such as lightings, backdrop and batteries. I also have a small blower for up close portraits I do and a stand by lighting studio if I need to take picture of a product or something for my blog.


If a friend rings me for a cuppa in town, I can immediately grab any of these small bags...


Inside this massive cabinet, you'll see my camera, lenses, photographs, books and what's not.  And it's the heaviest furniture one could have!

 I'm lucky enough to have a room full of natural lights coming in from all sides, the sun peeps in the from my left window, I gaze up in the sky to daydream at times. I put on my make up in the morning not in my vanity counter but here, much better to see the flaws and stuff.

Now onto gadgets and stuff I used for work:


It's more than obvious how much I am a fan of Apple. I think they are the coolest gadgets ever invented as of today. Not only being cool but these babies made me appreciate the real art in the world of technology. Each of these gadgets have different purpose in my life whether personal, at the university, career in photography and web. iPad 1 is for showing portfolio to prospect clients, it is my easy access on the web and mail too when I'm out and about. iMac is for massive photoshop editing and watching TV series. Macbook Pro is for on shoot location where I download contact sheets, it is also something I need for programming and research in college.  I bring it with me in school all the time and I watch quite amount of video tutorials in it as well while I'm working on iMac. And last but not the least - iPhone, I've finally decided to give it a go since Siri is very inviting. I'll most probably tweet more when it's easier for me to tap tap tap (compare to my old blackberry's tiny keyboard). iMessage comes handy (oh how I'm addicted to this!).... FaceTime is one thing I'm curious about, not that I fancy video chatting but it is something I'd like to have everywhere I go. You'll never know if happens I'm trapped in a cave or something, at least I can still see my family and friends thru FaceTime 

Renovating and re-arranging of my furniture will be one of my major projects this year so wish me luck!

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18 March 2012

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Went for a shopping spin yesterday at Dundrum Shopping Centre, oh how I've missed shopping! The first shop I would normally go to is Urban Outfitters, I love the hippy kind of aura the shop has and they've mostly everything in there from headphones to fancy backpacks! I've got a jewelry holder, lip gloss and a lamp cover... sweet! I'm doing a room make over in a budget and this piece is perfect! It's finally coming together, I can't wait to finish it!

Urban Outfitters

Happy Mother's Day

Here on earth, we celebrate motherhood today.
I will post about you for one last time.

It's my first time to celebrate Mother's Day without you. 
I truly miss you... 
I love you with all my heart ♥

16 March 2012

Going Back to my Old Routine


It's been a week since I'm back to what I call home. I was back at work since Monday, couldn't cared less for jetlag, I just continue on.... I do this to forget the pain of losing someone dear (my very dear Mama), I forced myself to go back to my old routine. I've finally started to photo edit....

Back to reality, I left a lot of unfinished things I know I would need to sort out when I'm back, I was actually quite nervous to check my email and stuff. These days, it feels like I'm swimming in a big ocean. I just go up when I need to breath. 

Allow me stay down here for a little longer and soon enough I'll be back to my old happy self...  

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