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06 February 2012

Time is Precious like Gold


Life has been awesome so far since the beginning of 2012. I managed to stick to my new year’s resolutions or rather goals for this year. To say the least, I’m pretty much enjoying Bikram Yoga because of the health benefits it’s giving me – sleep deprivation is not a problem anymore, I eat less and I move faster. I can feel the energy all over my body!

It was being advised to do yoga on a daily basis for 30 days for first timers like me, well, I tried but fail... My eye had an infection due to a lot of sweating (that irritatingly went into my eyes) I did in a 40°C room. Who knows about sweat band? I didn’t know that it exists, for the life of me, I was never into any kind of sports, what’s more about being aware of its accessories???

Off I went to my eye doctor, who did a brilliant job on my laser eye surgery last year, by the way. The only thing I’m dreading for a visit is the long waiting at the lobby. It happened to me quite a few times already, and I never learn, perhaps I come late next time round.... I don’t see the point of ringing them in advance to make an appointment, and yet still have to wait for 30-45 minutes before I (or anyone else) can be accommodated. I don’t see the reason why patients have to wait that long if the given schedule is confirmed beforehand. I’m not sure if it happens only here in Ireland, I’d normally booked neither in Ballsbridge or Dundrum and my experience would be the same, it never came that I was attended on time by them at any schedule given to me.

Seems the review we sign on every visit hasn’t been given attention at all. For sure, it is not only me who noticed this, there is a particular section in the review paper asking about timekeeping and reliability.

Time is precious, it should be respected.

** Photo above has nothing to do about Optical Express nor my experience with them. I just like to post this with happy picture of me looking at this giant ride at Winter Wonderland, that'd be all.