Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

16 February 2012

Life in Instagram


Flu finally went away after a week of non stop coughing and sneezing. My throat was badly scathed and funnily, I talked like a man, oh well... I never stopped eating chocolates though, stubborn as I was, I swallowed it all hard then I had rashes around my neck after. Thankfully, it's all over now and I'm back to my old happy self.

Instagram became my friend while in bed, I'm quite impressed with the new upgrade and it keeps me inspired to create interesting stuff by making regular objects (such as thumbtacks and scarf) into something artistic photos. Since I hardly go out these days, I force myself to be creative in my own way. I use whatever is available. It also reminds me where I've been up to on a daily basis.

Some short stories behind my Instagram pictures (from top left to right)

    1. Massive ball of lights that are strikingly noticeable when you're passing by Lemon Juice, a cafe where my good friend Martin and I had coffee this afternoon after meeting up for lunch with two other friends.
    2. Daily staples (leaf earrings | Topshop bracelets | Fossil vintage watch) that suit anything I wear these days to work.
    3. I was pinning my list of tasks beside my desk and these thumbtacks fell on the ground. I had this idea to take picture before I pick it all up.
    4. Valentine's Day - I worked 'til 4 that day and went straight to a college lecture til 9:30 in the evening so I thought of posting this scarf I twisted in a heart shape to tell the world I do still care for this day :) 
    5. Burberry pants I scored at Kildare Village for a very cheap price!
    6. Lacoste tote bag I also scored at the same village. I regretted for not buying the Cath Kidson wallet I saw that day, even though I want to go back, it's too far out from Dublin and would be a waste of effort to do so. Better luck next time.
    7. Having brunch with H at this cozy cafeteria, we had toast, bacon, sausage and egg.
    8. Another shoe I'm adding to my collection, it's growing again after I sold most of shoes last Easter.
    9. My first time to attend a very important event in Cathal Brugha Barracks.
   10. Pentax Camera - random gift from H for no reason at all :)
   11. One shopping day Sweet cherry sundae and a Louis Vuitton display at Brown Thomas.
   12. Books I've collected over the years, these are some kind of bible to me whenever I need inspiration.