Everything in life is amazing, regardless.

22 February 2012

Goodbye My Mama

Losing a mother is the most painful experience I've had, it breaks my heart until I'm numbed. 
But I know you're in heaven now dancing with angels and stars... 

My dear Mama, you will be missed... 
Your contagious laughter will always be remembered, 
You're one happy heart... you've always been kind. 

 You're full of beatitude and great love... 

 Thank you for giving me such a good and wondrous life, til then, I'll see you in next life ♥

Goodbye my Mama

16 February 2012

Life in Instagram


Flu finally went away after a week of non stop coughing and sneezing. My throat was badly scathed and funnily, I talked like a man, oh well... I never stopped eating chocolates though, stubborn as I was, I swallowed it all hard then I had rashes around my neck after. Thankfully, it's all over now and I'm back to my old happy self.

Instagram became my friend while in bed, I'm quite impressed with the new upgrade and it keeps me inspired to create interesting stuff by making regular objects (such as thumbtacks and scarf) into something artistic photos. Since I hardly go out these days, I force myself to be creative in my own way. I use whatever is available. It also reminds me where I've been up to on a daily basis.

Some short stories behind my Instagram pictures (from top left to right)

    1. Massive ball of lights that are strikingly noticeable when you're passing by Lemon Juice, a cafe where my good friend Martin and I had coffee this afternoon after meeting up for lunch with two other friends.
    2. Daily staples (leaf earrings | Topshop bracelets | Fossil vintage watch) that suit anything I wear these days to work.
    3. I was pinning my list of tasks beside my desk and these thumbtacks fell on the ground. I had this idea to take picture before I pick it all up.
    4. Valentine's Day - I worked 'til 4 that day and went straight to a college lecture til 9:30 in the evening so I thought of posting this scarf I twisted in a heart shape to tell the world I do still care for this day :) 
    5. Burberry pants I scored at Kildare Village for a very cheap price!
    6. Lacoste tote bag I also scored at the same village. I regretted for not buying the Cath Kidson wallet I saw that day, even though I want to go back, it's too far out from Dublin and would be a waste of effort to do so. Better luck next time.
    7. Having brunch with H at this cozy cafeteria, we had toast, bacon, sausage and egg.
    8. Another shoe I'm adding to my collection, it's growing again after I sold most of shoes last Easter.
    9. My first time to attend a very important event in Cathal Brugha Barracks.
   10. Pentax Camera - random gift from H for no reason at all :)
   11. One shopping day Sweet cherry sundae and a Louis Vuitton display at Brown Thomas.
   12. Books I've collected over the years, these are some kind of bible to me whenever I need inspiration. 

06 February 2012

Time is Precious like Gold


Life has been awesome so far since the beginning of 2012. I managed to stick to my new year’s resolutions or rather goals for this year. To say the least, I’m pretty much enjoying Bikram Yoga because of the health benefits it’s giving me – sleep deprivation is not a problem anymore, I eat less and I move faster. I can feel the energy all over my body!

It was being advised to do yoga on a daily basis for 30 days for first timers like me, well, I tried but fail... My eye had an infection due to a lot of sweating (that irritatingly went into my eyes) I did in a 40°C room. Who knows about sweat band? I didn’t know that it exists, for the life of me, I was never into any kind of sports, what’s more about being aware of its accessories???

Off I went to my eye doctor, who did a brilliant job on my laser eye surgery last year, by the way. The only thing I’m dreading for a visit is the long waiting at the lobby. It happened to me quite a few times already, and I never learn, perhaps I come late next time round.... I don’t see the point of ringing them in advance to make an appointment, and yet still have to wait for 30-45 minutes before I (or anyone else) can be accommodated. I don’t see the reason why patients have to wait that long if the given schedule is confirmed beforehand. I’m not sure if it happens only here in Ireland, I’d normally booked neither in Ballsbridge or Dundrum and my experience would be the same, it never came that I was attended on time by them at any schedule given to me.

Seems the review we sign on every visit hasn’t been given attention at all. For sure, it is not only me who noticed this, there is a particular section in the review paper asking about timekeeping and reliability.

Time is precious, it should be respected.

** Photo above has nothing to do about Optical Express nor my experience with them. I just like to post this with happy picture of me looking at this giant ride at Winter Wonderland, that'd be all.

05 February 2012

Her name is Slywia

REPOST: Backdated 23|06|2011

Photos were taken from the photoshoot I did one windy Sunday with Sylwia. She is the "goddess of the sea". She has the most beautiful blue eyes I envy, she has the most kindest heart and one of the nicest person I've met. Ever. Thanks for trusting me to take your picture, I hope to work with you again some time soon xoxo





On another note, I'd like to share my experience of my successful laser eye surgery....

It's been more than a week since I had my laser eye surgery and I never felt this better eversince I was 15, the age I started wearing glasses. It's surreal to see everything clear without wearing contact lenses, I'm truly grateful for this technology! Seriously!

I posted the experience on my facebook wall and a lot has been asking me about it, got emails from strangers too! So I decided to make a post out of my awesome experience... First off, this eye laser thing-y was always in my mind ever since I've heard about it but I was too coward to have it a go. Also the cost was putting me off but then I was thinking what the heck, I'm spending thousands on my camera gear why not save some for my blinding eyes???

I believe in the law of attraction and the power of the universe so why not cut out a piece of blue eyes and paste it on the wall where I can see it everyday to remind myself I'll do a laser eye surgery one day. Which I did on the 11th of June - a day I will always remember (",)

I was, of course, put into a series of tests before the day of my surgery to make sure that my eyes are healthy enough to go under operation. It helps that Optical Express is reachable since Day 1 and everything is well explained. 

Now the experience on the day itself.... I got shaken a bit to be honest when the nurse led me to the operating bed. She asked me to lay down and I was like, "OMG, this is it! This is it! I might gonna die!", of course I was only saying that inside my head. The operating lights made me nauseous I was freaking out but pretending I wasn't, I was trying to look "cool and smart" haha! The nurse might have psyched me so she began to talk about the weather and stuff and she let me talk and talk and talk while holding the Guinness stress pint which helped me a lot to ease my tension by the way. (Note to self: get one for myself). The doctor came and performed the operation on me while the nurse is explaining what was happening along the process. She was saying like, "you're gonna see an amber light then it's gonna be really dark for a second, no worries it's normal.","you're gonna hear a noisy sound and that's laser doing the works..." Next thing I knew it's done! I guess it only took around 2 minutes per eye.

The doctor checked my eyes in another room and he said my eyes are doing well after, the surgery was successful! Another nurse accompanied me to another room and explained to me what will gonna happen afterwards. I was given eyedrops and other stuff to take home with me especially when the anesthesia is gone. I went back to the lounge area to meet H and everyone was looking at me, I was happily smiling and said to them everything's gonna be okay (",)

The next few hours after were quite blur from my memory because all I did was to sleep and eat. My eyes can see clearly after few hours of the operation and I was back to normal, It helps a lot when you have a good family support, they do everything for you while you're weak, well I wasn't that weak but I was spoiled rotten... which happens everday anyway (",)

Well, thank you if you managed to read all this way. I appreciate your time!

Optical Express is highly recommended, I'm very well satisfied with their service!